Antique Archaeology and Jack White.

Eric has great students. One of them is Christy C. N. who always gives us good laughs and she heard that one of Eric’s favorite shows is American Pickers. So she gave Eric an Antique Archaeology t-shirt as a gift and he wears it ALL the time. (For those unfamiliar with American Pickers, Mike is one of the ‘stars’ and he owns the store Antique Archaeology.) He now packs this brown shirt for every workshop we go on. So many of my photos have him wearing that shirt so much so, that it looks like he wears the same clothes every day. So the History Channel has been advertising this week’s episode for awhile and Eric’s been nagging me to post this event on my blog.  I’ve got to give him what he wants some times, so this one I will do. Why is this particular episode so special and has Eric so excited? Because one of his favorite musicians, Jack White, will be on the show! Direct quote from Eric: “My favorite two pickers meet myfavorite guitar picker. It doesn’t get any better than this, not since Abbottand Costello meet the Invisible man.” Well, ‘alrighty’ then. Here you go Eric. (hit ‘play’ on video below)

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I love everything about the holidays except these…

Peanut M&M’s. They are evil! Why I buy them, I do not know. Well, I do know because RiteAid was doing a special and I bought two of the big-gluttonous-calorie-busting-bags for 4 bucks. How could I resist? And they’re red and green — so festive. But see this bowl? It was overflowing-full. When I took this pic, I said I was done. But there was 13 left. I cannot leave 13 in the bowl, that is bad luck! So I ate three and left it at 10 (okay, that was a lie. I left 5.)