True Confession… I am a Christmasmoviephiliac.

I love the week of Thanksgiving because it’s the start of Holiday Movies! Much to the dread of Eric since he would probably tell you, irritatingly, I have them on 24/7. Since I work from home, and I like to have noise in the background, the TV is often a comforting office mate. Especially if I’m working on a boring project like designing a financial newsletter (oops, I better check my list of daily blog-email-subscribers in case that client subscribed). But before Thanksgiving, I remind Eric that it’s almost time for the Christmas Movie Season!! Yah! But I do not know why he’s complaining. He actually gets a lot of work done the month of December because he’s in his workshop a lot longer (he is not a big fan like me).

So I’m compiling a small list of most of my favorites that I will post later. Soon, there will be a few networks that will be running Christmas movies over and over again. A Christmasmoviephile’s dream! My list will include theater movies and the sappy made-for-tv movies. I’ll try and keep it under 15.

** This is the definition of a Christmasmoviephiliac from Eric in his own words: “If you start watching Christmas movies before Thanksgiving, you have a problem. If you watch a Christmas movie every day, then you have a problem. If you have seen the movie at least 5 times and you still watch it, you have a problem. If you have watched it every year for more than 10 years, then you have a problem.” His words, not mine.

Aluminum foil – shiny side down?

We travel around the country for my husband’s workshops. Sometimes we stay at people’s homes and get into lengthy conversations. Many times, about subjects that are not of any importance. One involved aluminum foil. Which side touches food when baking… the shiny side or the dull side? According to our host’s friend, who is a chemist, the dull side has a chemical on it so the shiny side should always be the side that comes in contact with food when baking. Is this one of those “never believe everything you hear” moments? On another note, I’ve been in advertising for many years and enjoy reading vintage ads. This one is great. “Woman’s bright new problem solver!” You gotta love it.