You hear of a meddling cousin? I have a doodling cousin.

My cousin K. likes to send me doodles she makes on her tablet to make me laugh. Tonight she sent me one to take my mind off of 3 things I texted her earlier about what I was currently doing which was: 1) I’m anxiously huddled on the floor in our laundry room because of the severe storms rolling in; 2) I have a major toothache; 3) while laying on the floor all I’m focusing on is this annoying hole in the ceiling that her husband put there, mind you, and worrying that a squirrel will fall through and attack me.

She sent me this:  So here I am meditating with chance and the squirrel is right above me poking through the ceiling.

Why is there a hole in our ceiling? Because her husband punched it when I happened to ask him “what do you think is up there? It would be cool to remove this ceiling.” 

Instantly his fist thrust upward and then he said “get your flashlight and then you will know.”

I like to rub it in all the time what her husband did. But she told me it was now a good thing because I was focusing less on the storm.

She’s a good doodling cousin. Her husband on the other hand…

Five Questions Friday: Nashville

Q: I cannot believe you tell me you want to write a post about our visit to Third Man Records and it’s so long that you wrote ‘Part 2’ and ‘Part 3’ is still coming. What’s up with that?
Eric: lol, Give me something I love to talk about and I won’t stop. Just promise that you will post the last edition Saturday. I’m so already over this.
(Sorry… no-can-do. Will have to post Sunday or Monday. Tomorrow is my Art Walk based on our visit to Chattanooga.)

Q: Next question… Don’t you think people are going to be bored with three posts all about your visit to Third Man Records? Sounds like we don’t have a life and that’s the greatest thing that’s happened to us…
Eric: First off, No! I can only hope that when we do something cool like this there might be folks that will want to read about it. Maybe not, not my problem. We must live a boring life otherwise.

Q: Oh and by the way, thanks for announcing my new nickname ‘Uber Kitty.’ Now I’m going to have to explain it. What’s up with that?
Eric: Brilliant Uber Kitty- MEOW!
(You’re absolutely no help…)

Q: What was your favorite part about our stay in Nashville?
Eric: That is way too tough to answer. I have too many moments to highlight. Let me name a few. No, let’s not name a few. My most favorite was dancing with you at the Acme. Nothing will ever beat that. You were so cute.

Q: Instead of your weekly “what aggravated you,” what was the most disappointing, if any, about Nashville?
Eric: Okay, here’s the scenario: It’s almost 2 a.m. and all three of us don’t want to go back to our rented crash-pad. We walk into yet another bar that is doing karaoke. We get you to commit to singing Bob Seger’s ‘Turn the Page’ on a stage surrounded by twenty-somethings. You are next up and then all the lights come on and the bouncer announces “The bar is now closed. Everyone leave!” Total disappointment!
(That hundred bucks I slipped him was well-spent!)

You Know You Live in Rural Tennessee When…

You go for your annual physical and these are the reading materials in the exam room…


If this post seems familiar, well it is. Because last year, I had my first physical with my new doctor and thumbing through the magazines, it really sunk in that I now live in rural Tennessee. (see old post here.)

** Special side note to Jud and Tripp: You don’t need to tell me that when I took the picture, I cut off the “B”. I’m quite aware of it now…