Busy in the Workshop

While outside walking with my camera, I snapped this pic of Mr. Basketmaker through the workshop’s big old picture window. He was still busy working while the sun set, getting ready for North Carolina Convention…

Looks like he’s removing dried rims from their molds and looking up at the tv to catch the evening news. Multitasking…

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Saturday Night Art Walk: Springing in Tennessee

The beginning of the week it was quite warm and I grabbed my camera to take shots of all the signs of spring around our property. Many of the blooms I don’t recognize—all part of being a Tennessee transplant from New England.

So tonight, I’m showing some of the photos I captured with a few I’m going to use for some new paintings in the near future.

First up is a bloom I cannot identify. It is probably one of the many “tree-weeds” we have here. I liked the color combination of chartreuse, yellow and pink hues.

The next blooms I do recognize… they are from our peach trees in the back yard. We have about 7 of them on the property. They have produced hundreds of little peaches but I’ve never been able to harvest any of them because of all the insects feasting on every one. I talked to a native gardener awhile back and she said it’s impossible to produce fruit without using pesticides. Last season I saturated them with organic solutions but not one peach could survived. Really makes you question on what “organic” really means. Just how do you keep insects away from juicy peaches?

Below is a closeup of the new growth from one of the peach trees. I am going to paint this composition. It will look great as an abstract.

Image below is not a sign of spring— I simply liked the aged texture and the creams and browns surrounded by green. Anyone know what this is? It almost looked like cotton to me; but I’m sure it’s not.

The following photo shows all our pear trees blooming along the woods out back. I love all the white flowers and with the time of day when I took this shot, it cast a pretty blue hue over everything. I’m going to paint this one too.

I have no idea what kind of plant this next one is but I loved the spindly growth forming around a new bud emerging. It’s quite peculiar.

I’m done with the winter season and ready for everything to be lush and green—out with the past and in with the new!

Have a good evening and don’t forget to set your clocks forward tonight!!

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Five Questions Friday: One dog, then two, now a cat… How about a goat next?

Q: I was going through a whole ton of photos and these two reminded me of one of my shopping experiences here in the South. Did I tell you that while I was at the antique store at the bottom of the hill in Woodbury, a woman was walking around with a baby goat?
Eric: No. You didn’t tell me that. She literally was holding a baby goat inside the store?
Uh, yes, see the pics.

Q: This happened last year. You sure I never told you? 
Eric: Positive. I think I would remember that.
(I think that’s debatable…)

Q: Isn’t she adorable? How about we get a goat next?
Eric: No!!! We are not getting a goat. This new cat is bad enough. She just ran up that velvet curtain like a maniac… swinging up top.

Q: Speaking of that little maniac, why don’t you tell everyone her new name… again. (This is the third name Mr. Basketmaker has proclaimed. I’m thinking it may change again…)
Eric: Coco Kitty. But I’ve had some other names floating around. It could change a few more times.
(Yup, I was right).

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: This cat somehow finding her way in the attic of the shop and me having to get a ladder and open up a vent to get her out.

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