It’s Shuffleboard Time!

I had a very busy two days (like everyone else this time of year). One of my clients produces a magazine 4 times a year and I’m in the middle of putting together the Winter edition. I do all the layout, design and photo retouching along with putting the whole thing together. I work with a writer from New York who is the master coordinator. So that makes it a lot easier. Also today, I had to bring Chance to the vet, but most importantly, I had a special sign project that needed to be designed (with lots of ‘cheeeeze’) and sent to the printer before midnight. I just uploaded it and the banner will arrive a few days before the big event. What big event is this you ask? Well, it’s the highlight of the year for my family. The Annual Lime Grove Invitational Shuffleboard Tournament! It is held in Florida and we can probably call it an International event since friends of my parents who have played every year travel from England right before the holidays to attend. Every year we will add something ‘printed’ to the event. Last year, every participant received a t-shirt with our event logo. This year, we decided to print up a 6-foot banner (below). Pictured are the defending champions… two years in row! They’re holding the coveted Lord Talbot Cup.

*Sorry to all you die-hard shuffleboard fans out there. This league is full!

For the Aspiring Artist from Age 3 to 103.

My sister Michelle created the company Kidzaw and a product called MasterKitz where anyone can create their own interpretation of a great masterpiece. It’s a fun, creative, fail-proof way to introduce anyone to art and their own inner creativity! Anyways, her product made it to Vogue’s online ‘Holiday Best Bets Top Ten List’ for gifts! And MasterKitz is #3 on the list! Which I think is amazing since the list is mostly fashion items. The number 1 spot was a faux snake jacket for $1,595.00. Next is a $252 bottle of body oil. Then #3 which is her art kit for $30. (I thought that was so funny – the list has several items over $1,000 and then her kit which is a mere 30 bucks!)

To view the complete list on Vogue’s site: Vogue’s Top Ten
Her website is