Sawdust Culprit Caught In The Act.

Remember how your grandmother always told you to wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident? Well, I repeat a similar phrase but it involves our rugs. People do not know that there’s a full woodworking and basketmaking workshop downstairs. And if we ever have to call 911 and they come inside, they will think we live in a pig’s pen when they see all the debris covering the rugs! It’s a daily battle. And it’s usually me telling Eric to “stop tracking all this STUFF upstairs!” Lucky for my handy and quick-acting husband, he was able to capture one of the major culprits on camera. Yes, that is our lovely and charming dog Chance, running through the piles of sawdust in the workshop, towards the stairs where he will shortly shake it all off in the living room, on our dark colored abstract rug. Where I will say, “Oh Chance… You’re so cute.” Followed by “Eric, get up here and vacuum this rug!

Eric Reviews the Gorillatorch Light.

From Eric:  I wanted to take over my wife’s blog today because this is a way cool gift! I can be hard to please sometimes, just ask my wife Lynne. But this is a home run gift for any guy (or girl) into useful gadgets. It’s an all-purpose light with three adjustable magnetic legs. The manufacturer “Joby” is known for a similar product the Gorillapod, a flexible tripod for cameras. But I like this new Gorillatorch, an adjustable and flexible tripod flashlight that my brother- and sister in-law gave me for Christmas. What is great about this gift is that it has three articulating legs which can be bent into endless positions. You can attach this light to any shaped object, like a pole or tree. And, the three legs also have a powerful magnet on the bottom of each foot. I’ve long-needed extra directional light for seeing what I’m cutting on my band saw. I stuck the Gorillatorch to the side of my band saw and my problem was solved. The magnets worked so well that the light doesn’t even shake when the band saw is running. The light is bright when fully on and adjusts down to a very soft light. (takes 3 double A batteries). I’m particular about gadgets and tools for my workshop so I thought I’d let people know when I really like a product since so many times I’ve bought something and it was crap! Hope to post other items I recommend in the future!

Thanks Eric! If you’re recommending this than it must be good since you are so picky! I might just give one of these in my next year’s “Yankee Swap.”

*Notes: Eric was not paid to write this review. He simply just likes this product and wanted to spread the word. If you are interested in this item, I made it really easy for you! Below is a link to Amazon (or click here) where I’ve seen it the cheapest and eligible for their free super saver shipping! (I’m also a big fan of Amazon where I buy almost everything, even our favorite cereal!)

You Scratch My Blog, I’ll Scratch Yours.

I am the first to admit that I am a little clueless when it comes to blogging. I say a ‘little’ because as of today, I’m not totally clueless, thanks to first, Tony Stubblefied of Jaskets who told me to just launch the blog and let it create itself (superb advice) and to Cathryn of Wicker Woman who has been blogging for almost a decade! She sent me several valuable tips and wrote a glowing shout out on her blog! You can view her post I have pictured, here. To see the great ‘shout out’ she wrote about moi (well, and a shout out to Tony and my husband, but I’m feeling a bit narcissistic today… so it’s all about me!) click here. Thanks Cathryn!

P.S. Cathryn… I agree with what you wrote and you should get in your car and drive down to see Eric at Tony’s over the summer in Missouri! (Of course, because I’m pretending to be narcissistic today, I want you there so you can show me more tricks on the blogosphere! And if you have time for a basket or two, we could probably fit that in.)