Fun in Georgia.

I was being a little lazy the last couple of days and posting these pics a little late. But I figure it’s understandable since we were on the road for almost two weeks. And in October we were out west for the Tidal Twinings in Oregon. So I feel like I haven’t been home for awhile. Sometimes, when we arrive home from a long trip, I just want to curl up on the couch with a nice blanket, a few pillows, watch tv and pet the dog!  So what if it’s for a few days straight! Above are a few snaps from Eric’s workshop at Suzanne’s Cottage in Georgia. Students worked on a variety of projects including the Creel and Eric’s latest design, the Cottage Purse. (Don’t be fooled by the pic of Eric and Patti… I had to beg them to pose and they did so kicking and screaming, but miraculously smiled for the camera). Thank you to Suzanne, Tracey, Diana, Nova, Donna, Hannah, Gwen, Kathy, Peggy, Pat and Patti! See most of you soon in February. *If I forgot your name, see the line above about me lounging on the couch for a few days…

Their Message: Not Enough Cardboard!

We stopped off in Seattle, on our way to Eric’s Tidal Twinings’ workshop in Oregon. There, we came across some ‘Occupy Protestors.’ Of course, like most everyone else, we saw the protests occurring across the country, on the news. And how nobody precisely knew what they were protesting. Since we were at a protest in person, we decided to read all the signs for ourselves, and figure out what their whole movement message was. I came across this lovely gentleman whose sign, I feel, probably sums it up perfectly!

(Sorry for the quality. It was taken with my cell phone. If you cannot read his sign, it says: “I’m Pissed At Everything… Not Enough Cardboard!)

Shout out to Tony!

I’m dedicating today’s post to Tony Stubblefield of Jaskets. For well over a year (maybe more) I suggested that Eric (he will say I ‘nagged’ him) get a Facebook account and start updating people on his workshops and what he’s been up to. If you know Eric, then you know he is somewhat private and the last thing he wants to do is talk about himself! A good trait. However, when you work for yourself, you have to sell yourself. I could not convince him.

However, last May, Eric and I were at Tony’s in St. Louis for a workshop. Throughout the day, Tony was uploading pics to Facebook and then reading out loud responses from his many friends. I believe Eric made a comment about how cool that was and then Tony said “You should get on Facebook.” Shortly after, Eric walked over to me and said “Lynne, we should open a facebook account.” I could not believe it! Especially since he acted like he had an epiphany and it was not of my doing. When we got home, I happily got him online. And within a few months he had over 200 friends. I think I had 30 friends and I’ve had my account for a couple years!

So Tony, all I can say is you’ve created a monster! He reminds me often how many ‘friends’ he has!

*You can find Tony at his blog: