Cornucopia and the Romans.

Some of you may know that after 9/11 I quit my job as a Creative Director in advertising and did something crazy. Basically, I was living in Texas making more money than I needed, quit, and headed north to Chicago to spend time with my sister and my new nephew. A few months after that, I headed back home to New Hampshire for Christmas and after the New Year I bought an antique store up in Maine. I had no experience doing such, but it changed my life. I also learned the old American art of bartering since I had no money! (Settling in a small rural town that gets tons of snow and relying on an antique store that is only open during the summer for most of your income will do that to you)! I sold that store about 5 years ago but still enjoy hunting vintage and antique items to sell online. Anyways, I’m always researching new finds and came across a coin (online – I don’t own this coin) of Hadrian who was a Roman Emperor from 117 to 138 AD. He’s known as one of the ‘good’ emperors. During his reign, he traveled extensively. To commemorate his travels around the empire, coins were made personifying the places he visited. The coin pictured is of Hadrian’s second tour of Africa. I will not bore you with Roman history so lets get to the good part (And why this coin is appearing on my blog to wish people Happy Thanksgiving.) The back of the coin shows Africa (personified) reclining, holding a scorpion with a cornucopia basket at her feet. (hint… hint… cornucopia and Thanksgiving) Coming across this coin reiterates how ancient the craft of a basket maker is! And the basket must have had a huge significance to the Roman people almost 2,000 years ago to be on Hadrian’s coin. And the art of basketry still holds its significance today for so many people including myself since this is Eric’s livlihood. I think that is so cool!  But I have one question. Why is she holding a scorpion?

Happy Thanksgiving to all the basket makers out there! 
(And the ones who love them.)

True Confession… I am a Christmasmoviephiliac.

I love the week of Thanksgiving because it’s the start of Holiday Movies! Much to the dread of Eric since he would probably tell you, irritatingly, I have them on 24/7. Since I work from home, and I like to have noise in the background, the TV is often a comforting office mate. Especially if I’m working on a boring project like designing a financial newsletter (oops, I better check my list of daily blog-email-subscribers in case that client subscribed). But before Thanksgiving, I remind Eric that it’s almost time for the Christmas Movie Season!! Yah! But I do not know why he’s complaining. He actually gets a lot of work done the month of December because he’s in his workshop a lot longer (he is not a big fan like me).

So I’m compiling a small list of most of my favorites that I will post later. Soon, there will be a few networks that will be running Christmas movies over and over again. A Christmasmoviephile’s dream! My list will include theater movies and the sappy made-for-tv movies. I’ll try and keep it under 15.

** This is the definition of a Christmasmoviephiliac from Eric in his own words: “If you start watching Christmas movies before Thanksgiving, you have a problem. If you watch a Christmas movie every day, then you have a problem. If you have seen the movie at least 5 times and you still watch it, you have a problem. If you have watched it every year for more than 10 years, then you have a problem.” His words, not mine.

Take pity on me.

This is what occasionally happens to your outdoor plants when you are married to a basket maker who teaches around the country. My poor, welcoming palm plant used to sit on our small porch inside a regal container, next to the front door. During the summer, we left for a trip and forgot to take the plants on the porch inside. This plant got scorched by the hot sun. I brought it inside and tried to save it. I guess putting it next to the old radiator did not help.