Tools Not Jewels.

I’m one of those wives who loves when their husband buys new tools (in moderation of course). When I moved out on my own after college into an apartment by myself, I went out and bought all kinds of tools. My most favorite purchase? My DeWalt drill. It’s almost a couple decades old and is still running great. So I get excited when Eric buys new tools for his workshop. This one is a new disc sander. He’ll be using it for all kinds of straight-edge sanding. Why he couldn’t use his thickness sander or his 3 belt sanders or his drum sander, I do not know. But I don’t care. I love new tools! (Except the two little hand drills that he said he needed for his workshops. I disagreed and made my sentiments known.) What tools of mine are Eric’s favorite? Probably my snow blower! I used to love my snow blower, but now I do not get to use it. After marriage, snow removal became his job. Well, at least the driveway. I still do the front walkway, by ‘shovel.’

The Helper.

Our dog Chance is actually a valuable employee at Eric Taylor Basketry. Eric is building a workstation to help out his shaker box making utilizing an old table top on a metal cart and three new tools: a drill, a mini table saw and a mini disc sander. Around here, it’s all about simplifying tasks and Chance (the expert on simplicity) is on hand to help Eric with his ‘build.’