Eric Answers Five Questions Friday.

Have you ever gone cow-tipping?

Eric: No, I can safely say I have never done that. But I have wanted to, to see if it’s really possible.

What is your number one pet-peeve?
Eric: People who are on their cell phone before they even pull out of their parking spot at a shopping center.

What pet-peeve do you not like that I do?
Eric: Currently it’s you and your “asking me five questions” every week.
(He’s such a whiner…)

What do you think is my pet-peeve that you do?
Eric: There’s a lot of them.
Pick one (with a sarcastic tone).
Not loading the dishwasher properly.
(editor’s note: He is correct about that!)

What did it feel like to win the Shuffleboard Tournament
and take home the Talbot Cup?
A big relief that your dad and Hil did not win for a third time in a row! I can also now take that off my bucket list—Win the family shuffleboard tournament. Next on the list is the Brady Gaga Championship and trophy in my hands next year!
That’s going to be hard since I always kick your butt.

Workshop at The Basket Cases in Florida.

We want to thank Sharon and Anne for hosting Eric’s latest Workshop! It was good fun and lots of laughs! Hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as we did! Hope to see Gail, Darlene, Anne, Sharon, Marjorie and Michelle again next year January 3rd, 2012! (Uhmmm… I mean 2013! Thanks Tony…) If you live in the Ocala, Florida area, stop in at Sharon Baiardi’s The Basket Cases at 3760 NW 17th Place or visit She offers open weaving and classes in a large, comfortable room with areas to weave at standard tables or bar height tables with stools. She also has many baskets on display, plenty of supplies and good music. Snacks are also available on the honor system (piggy bank stands watch). So stop in!

An Anxious Flyer.

So we returned from Florida today via our favorite airline, Southwest. I have extreme anxiety when flying. It’s so extreme that I can relate to, and have compassion for, the people you hear about on the news that ‘flipped out’ on board and had to be detained. I’ve been working on deep breathing and remaining calm during takeoff, which is very hard. Especially when my heart has been racing about this flight for several days in advance! I hardly sleep and my dreams are bizarre. It just adds to all the stress and anxiety surrounding flying. Anyways, I survived this flight and have to give most of the credit to my cousin Joe. He was so nice. He even took out the emergency booklet so we could all feel a little safer. I sat in the middle between Eric and Joe which was very comforting (especially the hand-holding). And Joe had me laughing most of the flight with all his funny antics. So I send a big Thank You to cousin Joe!!