I love everything about the holidays except these…

Peanut M&M’s. They are evil! Why I buy them, I do not know. Well, I do know because RiteAid was doing a special and I bought two of the big-gluttonous-calorie-busting-bags for 4 bucks. How could I resist? And they’re red and green — so festive. But see this bowl? It was overflowing-full. When I took this pic, I said I was done. But there was 13 left. I cannot leave 13 in the bowl, that is bad luck! So I ate three and left it at 10 (okay, that was a lie. I left 5.)

Fantasy Football Madness.

We had some of the league gang over to watch football last night — mainly the Tebow and Brady face-off. Eric’s other passion is being the Commissioner of our Fantasy Football League and we just entered the Playoffs. Last year, I made it to the final four and I believe I finished 3rd. This year, I did not do so well. I will probably be in 8th place. However, this year, I won the ‘Best Team Logo’ Award. Yah!

My team name is The Cookie Crumblers (hence the crumbling cookie on the helmet). I think the pink trim gives it that extra special touch.