Your own barware.

I finished up with a logo for a client today. Nothing exciting (honestly). But I thought I’d post it because it’s a good idea for anyone looking for a neat gift for someone who has everything! My client is creating bar glasses as a gift. The family name is Bergman. And this logo will be on every glass. Now, I’m not sure where they are purchasing the glasses and/or who is creating the glasses for them. Hey, I was hired just to design a logo! I don’t think too much beyond that. Anyways, I thought it was a cool idea for a gift and thought I would share it. The downside of having my clients across the country and only communicating online or by telephone is that I rarely get to see the final product. And I would really like to see the final product for this job (or at least have a drink with them)!

When it Rains, it Pours.

I’ve been swamped with freelance work lately. Today I was working on several projects. One of them were concepts for a sponsorship program (pictured below). As you can see, I love clean lines but with bursts of color. Especially for a project like this where the client requested no use of photos. Did you know the hot color for 2011 was pink? And not any ordinary pink. Honeysuckle pink to be exact (If you keep abreast of Pantone’s yearly picks). So I like to throw it in my designs when I can. But it is hard to pitch ‘pink’ to corporate clients who are so used to seeing greens and blues! But I find when I incorporate it within a large color scheme, I can squeak it on in, like the layout below. Tomorrow, my client will let me know which concept we are going with and I will finalize the layout (I showed them three options). And will also be working on a nutritional product package and starting a magazine layout that I put together 4 times a year. In addition, I cannot forget the ‘pro-bono’ work for my husband. He is actually a significant client whom I need to raise my rates for (which are currently at zero – hence the ‘pro bono’ comment). However, he does run out and buy me chocolate whenever I whine for it so that should count for something!

No Rest For the Weary Weaver.

Eric has not taken a break from working in quite awhile. On Thanksgiving, when we arrived home after dinner, he went back in his workshop for a couple hours. And he’s been there all weekend. He’s got orders from September he’s still working on and another workshop this weekend in Connecticut. Here he is sanding parts for his mini tool kit (He taught this same basket at D.E.L.S. a couple weeks ago). Now all this ‘catching up’ does not include his finished mini baskets which he has a waiting list going back to 2003! What I would not give for a waiting list with my paintings. I’d be happy with a 1-month wait list. Let alone an 8-year waiting list like Eric. Oh… to be a sought-after artist. It must be nice.