Suzanne’s Gingerbread House

I had to post a picture of where Eric’s workshop is in Georgia because I think it’s so sweet… like a gingerbread house, but white. It’s Suzanne’s Basket Cottage, where she works and hosts many basket workshops. That’s Eric entering the door this morning, on his way to work! He had a very short commute… about 30 steps.

Ready for fishing.

At Eric’s workshop today, a few of the students worked on the Creel. (Pictured is work-in-progress next to a more finished one without the straps.)

Too bad ladies — It’s cold out! You’ll have to wait ’til next year for that big catch. What did I do today? Took some pictures, answered emails, sent off PDFs of some magazine covers, worked on a logo and finished some design concepts for a few clients. Not as much fun as weaving and eating pumpkin bread… but close.