Where’s our Suitcase? Where’s the floor?

We enjoy the little adventures we get to go on. But one thing we have not mastered: Staying organized while on the road! Whenever we arrive at a place, we tell ourselves “Let’s keep everything neat this time.” As you can see, the floor is barely visible.  Last year, we stayed in someone’s home and we had clothes scattered everywhere in the guest room. Our host decided to come in and collect our bath towels to wash them. We were mortified. We have not been invited back since! We’ll try harder next time.

Suzanne’s Gingerbread House

I had to post a picture of where Eric’s workshop is in Georgia because I think it’s so sweet… like a gingerbread house, but white. It’s Suzanne’s Basket Cottage, where she works and hosts many basket workshops. That’s Eric entering the door this morning, on his way to work! He had a very short commute… about 30 steps.

Ready for fishing.

At Eric’s workshop today, a few of the students worked on the Creel. (Pictured is work-in-progress next to a more finished one without the straps.)

Too bad ladies — It’s cold out! You’ll have to wait ’til next year for that big catch. What did I do today? Took some pictures, answered emails, sent off PDFs of some magazine covers, worked on a logo and finished some design concepts for a few clients. Not as much fun as weaving and eating pumpkin bread… but close.