Eleven Days Left in Show Countdown

I wouldn’t have known I had eleven days left if it weren’t for Mr. Basketmaker writing it in large letters on our chalkboard. I’m glad he did because in my head, I’m thinking I still have plenty of time before I hang all my artwork the first of the month.

No Saturday Night Artwalk tonight because I’m busy painting. And won’t put my brush down probably until the morning of June first. And it’s just not my artwork that needs finishing; I have signage and artist bio plus my statement. Sure, I already have them written, but they need updating. Still need to photograph and create certificate of authenticity sheets for every item. Okay, my stress level is now rising…

I did get my first set of show postcards off to the printer yesterday. Whether they get shipped here well before day one is another story. So I’ll leave you with a sample of my cards. If you live close by, would love to see you for my artist reception June 10th!

Five Questions Friday: Socks

Q: Did you hear my mom over the speaker? She laughed while saying I was a temperamental artist. Not a temperamental person but a temperamental artist and that was supposed to be a compliment! You think that’s true or did she use the wrong word? (lol)
Eric: Sheesh. I’m not answering that question but when she said it I thought it was funny. She was making a joke that you didn’t get.

Q: I was so nervous about my acrylic art panels for the last few weeks. How do you think they turned out, honestly?
Eric: Ah, I knew they were going to be awesome if the printing company recreated exactly what you sent them. And they didn’t screw up so all is good.

Q: I was thinking the other day about the houses in New Hampshire. Which do you miss more: your old school house or our abode in Manchester?
Eric: Gosh. Neither.

Q: Really?
Eric: Well, I do miss summers at the school house but definitely not at Manchester because we were right in the city and had no yard. And definitely not the winters at either house.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Well, I have one and a half. An aggravation and a mild annoyance…

I was aggravated last Saturday for date night when our Live PD show went off-air before it even started due to a power outage in their New York Studio.

My mild annoyance is that you know how you go through your sock drawer and laundry needs to be done and your options are dwindling and you need to decide which ones you are going to wear that day? Well I kept coming up with other people’s socks. So I started pulling out all the socks that are not my own. And then I figured it out. Every time your father visits us, he leaves his socks lying around and some how they get washed and wind up in my sock drawer!

How we use an Eric Taylor Basket

Eric saw how I was using his Cottage Tool Tote Basket and said I should post it and add “when he created the basket, he never considered how perfect a standard box of tissues fit in the center.”

We use Eric’s baskets all around the house so I thought it would be nice to show how we utilize them. One of my favorites is his Cottage Tool Tote. It holds my tissues, a book I’m reading, the two remotes and then space for my pens, small pile of scrap paper, lip balm (I’m addicted) and my glasses. Sometimes, I like sitting on the couch and other times I like to sit in the chair on the other side and all I have to do is move the basket to our side table and everything’s right where I need it.