Baskets & Fur

Eric’s summer workshops are in full swing. And our furry family members are delighted…

There’s a line of baskets waiting for Eric’s attention. Coco Kitty cut to the front of the line. This is her first “basket workshop” and she’s been loving all the chatter and activity—except for the fact that it also brings in the curious and annoying Jaxson into the workshop more than usual.
Speaking of the “beast” here is Jaxson looking for some attention from Mark and Joann. I think this is immediately after his “standoff” with Coco Kitty. Plus, it’s Thursday and there’s baskets to be finished—no time for canine affection.
But no problem for Chance who easily distracts Miss Ginger…
But not succeeding in distracting poor Mark who has a lot of work to do on his Apple Basket. Chance still hasn’t grasped the concept that students are not here for him.
However Chance is going to get ‘booted’ if he keeps getting in Eric’s way… But then again, all I have to do is walk out the door. I am hardly ever out of Chance’s sight.

Moral of this story? We started these workshops with one dog, Chance. Then Jaxson arrived. This year we have Coco Kitty. So if you plan on coming next summer, be prepared for another being… maybe a pet pig? Rabbit? You never know who will come roaming down our driveway as their ‘last resort’ in looking for a home.

Five Questions Friday: We Are Not Alone

I have not posted since… I’m not sure. Did I post early in June? I think I did a few. But I (and Eric) have good reasons. We have been busy! Plus, we’ve had a lot of out-of-town guests.

Q from my Dad: Do you like having your father-in-law here for two weeks?
Eric: Didn’t you ask me that last year? And I think I said “what am I supposed to say?… No?” Well, I can add that I don’t like when you text me on my phone to “come to your office” which is our lounge chair in front of the TV.

Q: How much longer until we have no visitors and are alone again?
Eric: I have no idea… it started in May. My parents, your uncle and aunt, cousin and her husband, our nephew Ben, your Dad, your sister then we go to Maryland and see everyone again and then your mom here… I don’t know, is anyone else coming?

Q: Well you have your two workshops coming up.
Eric: Oh yeah. I’d say it won’t be until the end of August.
What was your favorite thing we did in Nashville for our mini-mini-vacation?
The last night we were there at one of the honky-tonks and your cousin took video of me and “puppet-kiki”.
(for those who are like “what”? I was so tired and Eric wanted to dance and I said “no” so he grabbed my hands up in the air and was attempting to dance with me. My nickname is “kiki” to my nephews so Eric was calling me “puppet-kiki”.)

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: That one is easy. Me making dinner and we all sit at the table and your dad was watching tv on his phone with his headphones on! I put an end to that.