Saturday Night Art Walk: Rain, Rain, Rain

It’s been raining here for days. It’s raining right now. And will be all day tomorrow. I know… April Showers Bring May Flowers. But I think we have gotten plenty. Bring in the sun! So tonight I am featuring artwork about, what else, the rain!

What I’m drinking? Something new my friend Suzanne taught me last week: Iced Lemonade with a little red wine slowly poured on top. So pretty. And pretty tasty. However, I’m not listening to any music tonight. Instead I’m in our living room on a chair with a comforter, my feet up and the TV on. I have a little spring cold and I’m a bit cranky which Mr. Basketmaker can attest to.

My first image’s colors and composition depict how I’m feeling right about now… 🙁

Actors in a confrontation before a gate in the rain. Colour woodcut by Yoshitaki, early 1860s.
(Creative Commons Credit: Wellcome Library, London. )
We do not mind if it rains and wets us through- we are not afraid of anything as we have in our basket the genuine “Fer Bravais” which will preserve us from all illnesses. Published: circa 1890. Credit: Wellcome Library

What’s a ‘Fer Bravais’ you ask? I didn’t know either so I looked it up. The above image is an old advertising piece for a newly invented ‘medicine’ product. A French chemist named Raoul Bravais was the first to create a medicine-type preparation on a large scale which was his special formula of dialysed iron. It became known as “Fer Bravais.”

This next one doesn’t depict rain but it involves water since it’s a Watercolor painting. A nice abstract bright one.

If I was going to paint an abstract of rain drops, it would probably be something similar to this. Love this artist’s color palette.

I’ll finish with a photo of rain drops, which is the purpose of my Art Walk to begin with — you never know where you will find inspiration for your next project. Photo below has great composition for the beginnings of an abstract painting, which I will be adding to my painting list.

Photographer: Markus Spiske – Thanks for sharing your talent!

Have a good evening! And let me know if any of the art I curate for y’all has inspired you for a particular project. Would also love to see it!

Saturday Night Art Walk: Watercolor Patterns 1935-1942

Haven’t done a Saturday Night Art Walk in a long time. I’ll try to remember the format…

Oh yes… I’m supposed to say what I’m drinking and what I’m listening to…

Actually, I have a marathon of Big Bang Theory going on in the background. And I’m drinking a nice glass of Shiraz.

Tonight I found some cool work by watercolor artists. The subject? Quilt patterns. I enjoy artists who choose interesting subject matter. I wouldn’t have thought of a quilt pattern being depicted by using watercolor medium. But turns out, it’s been quite popular for a long time. Enjoy!

Artist: DaytonBrown Title: Quilt 1937. Watercolor and Graphite on paper.
Artist: Elbert Mowery Title: SilkQuilt 1941. Watercolor, Colored Pencil and Graphite on paper.
Artist: Lena Nastasi Title: Crazy Quilt 1936. Watercolor, Gouache and Graphite on paper.
Artist: Francis Law Durand Title: Crib Quilt 1942. Watercolor.
Artist: Jules Lefevere Title: Patchwork 1936. Watercolor on paper.
Artist: Ruth Barnes Title: Coverlet 1936. Watercolor on paper.
Artist: AliceCosgrove Title: Quilt TulipPattern 1941. Watercolor and Graphite on Paper.
Artist: Cora Parker Title: GrapePattern 1935. Watercolor and Graphite
Artist: Cora Parker Title: Velvet Pieced Quilt 1938. Watercolor and graphite on paper.
Artist: Ralph Morgan Title: Quilt Pattern 1935. Watercolor.
Artist: Ralph Morgan Title: Silk Quilt 1935. Watercolor and Graphite on paper.
Artist: VernaTallman Title: Friendship Quilt 1935. Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Pen and Graphite on paper.