The Penny Pinching Pickers’ Picks 2013

So we had another Penny Pinching Picker’s event again this year. To refresh your memory from last year, the players are:


Below are the four items picked by Karen, Lynne and the two Erics at the Fryeburg Flea Market in Maine:


So the rules of the “pick” were… Well, there were no rules! Except no item could be more than $20. But you could pick anything… new, old, repro, antique. Didn’t matter. And then we were judged by our two brilliant judges, on what they thought was the “best pick” for the money spent.

They do no research and have limited information about each item. So it could be based on necessity, or perceived value or if it’s one of their favorite colors. Could be anything that strikes their fancy.

Brief info of each item:

Pick 1: 1950s military issue shower pail (or solar shower). Picker paid $13

Pick 2: A beautiful “slump glass” dish, signed by maker. Picker paid $5

Pick 3: Originally a “what’s it?” but we now know what it is — An alligator tool used for a conveyor belt. Technically, still a “what’s it?” since it’s unsure how this is used with a conveyor belt! Picker paid $5

Pick 4: Antique industrial blue-green enamel metal basket. Maybe a dipping basket of sorts? Picker paid $15

Do you know who won the “best pick”? I’ll let you know tomorrow, plus who bought what! (just like a soap opera… you’ll have to wait…)

(If you want to see last year’s picks, see post here, and who won the prior year, see post here.)