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March’s Basket Cottage Calendar Cover Girls Are…

Tracey Reidy, Sandy Beaulieu, Hannah Sommer and Suzanne Marvin.

There’s always too many great creations to feature in only 12 months, so for one page, I like to group several together. This year it is the page for March.

There’s also a special honor for Sandy Beaulieu who is a scrimshaw artist at D.E.L.S. on Cape Cod. Many of the cottage girls commission works from her so I wanted to have something of hers in one of the calendars. Her beautiful mermaid ocean scene lid was perfect.

(Note: Hannah Sommer chose to show baskets that were made for her by Jim Kent)

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February’s Cottage Calendar Girl: Miss Peggy M.

For the month of February is a basket woven by Peggy McLeer.


Of course a basket with a “heart” in the middle has to be used for the month of February! AND… it would have been nice to post this on Valentine’s Day. But hey… February is a busy month—Not only was it the GBA Convention AND the Super Bowl (Yah Patriots!), four family birthdays occur this month: my mother-in-law, my father and two nephews in addition to this weekend’s Winter Weave in Ohio. It’s really a miracle I actually posted this during February!

This awesome photo was taken by Suzanne Marvin.


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The Supermoon and January’s Calendar Girl 2017: Connie Baughman

Another year of The Cottage Girls Basket Calendar has been created!

For each edition, “The Cottage” is always on the cover. Therefore, featuring it differently every year can be a challenge. For 2017, we combined two photos; One taken by me at night and another photo taken by Jud (The Honorary ‘male’ member of the Cottage Girls) a couple months ago of the SuperMoon, seen through the trees above the roof.


To capture specific details, many times you have to combine multiple photos, especially when you want to capture several details and you own a not-so-fancy camera. Jud was able to capture the moon hanging in the dark sky and the white light shining on the tall trees above and to the side while my photo captured the forefront illumination of the bottle tree along with the details of the house, lights and reflection on the water.

And same as every year, it was another few weeks of personal angst and anxiety while waiting for the printed calendars to arrive from the printer. And once again, they were gorgeous.

January’s Calendar Girl is Connie Baughman and her wine carrier basket. Photo was styled and taken by Kathy Cosgrove which is a good thing—if I took this photo, I would’ve already opened the bottle and taken a few sips…


Same as prior year calendars, the ‘regulars’ feature one of their baskets on their birth date. However, to mix things up every year, I change the theme for highlighting special occasions and holidays. If you remember last year’s, I featured a collection of porcelain beauty mark boxes to accentuate special events. This year’s theme was inspired by Jud’s Supermoon photo, hence a “moon” theme for 2017’s calendar.

In the back of the calendar, I have a page where I write a brief “blurb” about the theme and feature a couple extra photos that we did not use for the full months. Honestly, it is so hard to choose images for each month. There are so many beautiful baskets and only 12 months! That means some people will have to be on a “group page” (which falls on March this year). Initially, when I place in the photos, I don’t remember which basket belongs to which person and basically choose and image that I believe represents that month. Then I start identifying. This year I had the same person on three months and another for two. So there were a lot of shuffling going on. Everyone is just too talented!


The two baskets above were woven by Pat Beagle for each of her daughters, Anna and Katie. The basket below was woven by Suzanne Marvin.

Again, this year, I have a few calendars left over if someone would like one. There are only 4 calendars left. Either email me or hit the PAYPAL button below to order. The calendar is $27.00 each. The shipping is $5.50.  NOTE: if you are going to the Georgia Basketry Assoc. Convention first week of February and don’t want to pay shipping, you can pick it up there. I will bring the extras with me but let me know so I don’t sell them prior.

This is not a flimsy calendar. It is 12″ x 12″ in size on heavy, high-quality paper and the colors are all vibrant. Perfect for framing afterwards. Below is the back of the calendar showing a “snapshot” of all the baskets featured this year.



Purchase a calendar by hitting button below… no account needed. Remember, only 4 left! 🙂


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