The Cottage Calendar Girls

If you have followed me for awhile, you know all about Suzanne’s Cottage outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Her husband Jud designed and built the structure for her to use solely as her studio. I think it looks like a sophisticated gingerbread house. It is the ultimate artisan’s studio.

When I asked Suzanne about her unique cottage, she stated, “… to the best of my recollection, the first class in the cottage was in 2000. It has really enriched my life because through it we have made lifelong friends.  In 2000, I started inviting extraordinary guest teachers.  Most of the ‘cottage girls’ have been making baskets since the late 80’s.”

Last year these talented “cottage girls” created a calendar featuring baskets they made throughout the year. It was a big hit. So they created another one for 2013 featuring the work from 16 ladies. They also included their birthdays and cottage class days throughout the calendar. I hear they think about this project all year and have lots of fun choosing their favorite baskets to photograph.

Above is a pic of the cover and below are some of the inside pages.  The images are gorgeous. My amateur photography skills do not do it justice! And the printing is high-quality. If you would like one of these calendars, contact me. I’m not sure if they have any left but I can check for you! I can attest that they picked out their best work! It really shows. And the cover shot of Suzanne’s bottle tree outside her cottage is gorgeous!