Summer Basket Workshops in Tennessee

I’ve finally updated Eric’s summer workshop page. You can find it here. Sorry to all those who emailed looking for it.

The only spots left open is during the week of July 23-29th. Currently there is three available.

FYI – The “Things to do” page has finally been created as well on the Summer Workshop Page. That was supposed to be done two years ago.

“Goddess Week” Continues…

One thing is for sure… these basket goddesses work really hard!


Above is Connie, Patti and Suzanne putting their uprights in. That’s Mr. Basketmaker in the back adjusting Diana’s basket. Below is Miss Tracey applying oil to her pin cushion basket base — and doing so with a smile…


Below is Miss Patti getting the bottom of her boxcar basket lined up…


Here’s Kathy arranging her weavers for the body of the wine carrier…

Above is Jaxson and Patti returning from their afternoon walk. I heard that Jaxson got distracted by the critters in the field and the dog down the street and wasn’t much of a walking companion.

Below the basketmakers are all in the workshop sanding their materials…workshop-basket-3-group-jax

Not too interesting of a shot but wanted to show you what was going on “above” when I showed you this next pic. Tracey is standing at the far left and here’s who is right below…workshop-basket-3-jax-feet

She didn’t have too much space to move with Jaxson right at her feet! But she does have excellent taste in sandals (I have the same pair, but in silver).

After the basketmakers retreated to the B&B for the evening, Mr. Basketmaker went out in his shop and took this picture of some of the ‘exhibit’ baskets…


The weaving is complete — just need the rims and handles and they will be done.

Lakeside Cottage Workshop Quick Pics

We returned a couple days ago from one of my favorite places to visit – a little town outside of Atlanta – where Eric had a three-day workshop.


It was absolutely gorgeous weather in Milton, Georgia over the weekend. Which was great for me since I was out taking many photographs of all the Cottage Girls’ baskets for their upcoming yearly calendar. Will share pictures after it is published.



It was a full house all three days. Eric certainly had his work cut out for him.


Above, in the solid blue (left), is poor Miss Tracey who was working with an injured left hand! Here she is, plugging away on the wine carrier basket. As someone who broke her finger a few years back and had surgery but still worked the whole time, I feel her pain.


Here’s Eric conversing away with all the ladies. Jud, one of the hosts, made a comment that Eric is becoming a very chatty fellow! I have to agree with him!