April’s Calendar Girl: Suzanne of the Basket Cottage

I forgot to post April’s calendar page! I wanted to post it on Eric’s birthday. How I overlooked this is beyond me, especially since his baskets are featured on the page. Not a good Basketmaker’s Wife at all! LOL. (Sorry Eric!)

So April’s Calendar Girl is Miss Suzanne of the Basket Cottage. It features Eric’s miniatures and smalls. Most were woven by Suzanne and some woven by Mr. Basketmaker himself.

Y’all enjoy the last few days of April.


March’s Basket Cottage Calendar Cover Girls Are…

Tracey Reidy, Sandy Beaulieu, Hannah Sommer and Suzanne Marvin.

There’s always too many great creations to feature in only 12 months, so for one page, I like to group several together. This year it is the page for March.

There’s also a special honor for Sandy Beaulieu who is a scrimshaw artist at D.E.L.S. on Cape Cod. Many of the cottage girls commission works from her so I wanted to have something of hers in one of the calendars. Her beautiful mermaid ocean scene lid was perfect.

(Note: Hannah Sommer chose to show baskets that were made for her by Jim Kent)

The Cottage Girls Basket Calendar 2016

Another year of The Cottage Girls Basket Calendar has been created!

For each edition, “The Cottage” is always on the cover. Therefore, featuring it differently every year can be a challenge. For 2016, we put it in a snow globe!


I cannot describe my anxiety while waiting to see the image in the final printed piece since any descriptive words I used would be an understatement. So I won’t. Let’s just say I was really really anxious until I received a large envelope with my very own copy of the calendar, graciously sent by Suzanne.

And it was a huge sigh of relief. I am always in a semi-state of panic after a piece goes to the printer until I hear back from my client on what it looks like.

Gone are the days of ‘press checks’ (where you were physically at the printer watching the presses produce the product). I simply have to rely on my own judgement and expertise that the file I sent is going to print perfectly. However, I tend to think every job I send out is due to Luck in how it turns out. Hence my usual angst.

I had nothing to fret about and the calendar is gorgeous. And here I am announcing Miss January which belongs to Kathy C. And for her month, she chose one of her favorite baskets which was woven for her by Nap Plank.


In addition, all the holidays feature an item from Suzanne’s collection of porcelain Beauty Mark Boxes. I thought it would be fun this year to add a different element in addition to the baskets. On one of the back pages of the calendar, I added a little “write-up” about beauty patch boxes and their use.


Also, the ‘regulars’ still get their basket on their birthdays so there’s a nice combination of craft and creativity throughout.

We only have 9 calendars left. If anyone wants one email me or hit the paypal button below to order. The calendar is $27.00 each. The shipping is $5.54 which is Priority Mail. If you want snail mail, then it is $3.74 and I can credit you the difference). NOTE: if you are going to the Georgia Basketry Assoc. Convention first week of February and don’t want to pay shipping, you can pick it up there.

This is not a flimsy calendar. It is 12″ x 12″ in size on heavy, high-quality paper and the colors are all vibrant. If you want one, let me know before they are gone! Below is the back of the calendar showing a “snapshot” of all the baskets featured this year. All have been professionally photographed and can be framed when you are done.


Purchase a calendar by hitting button below… no account needed. Remember, only 9 left! 🙂

Maybe next year there will be more who buy them and I can jump up the quantity and get the calendars down to $23 a piece. That would be nice! Or cheaper quality…  we will see next year.