The Summer Weekend Guinea Pigs

Before Mr. Basketmaker taught his two full-week workshops for the first time here in Tennessee, he had a “soft open” of sorts in the way of two mini 3-day Weekend Classes. Here’s some quick pics that I skipped posting this summer…

Here’s Miss Sue J. putting the finishing touches on one of Eric’s Cottage Gardener baskets…



The first weekend it was great weather with plenty of porch time with lots of sniffing going on…

Guess Jaxson finds weaving relaxing as well…

Here’s Eric attaching the handle to the little gardener basket…summer-basket-workshop-2015-basket-small
Below is Miss Donna finishing up her Cottage Napkin Basket. She got to hang out in the workshop with our nephew Ben. I think in this photo below I got done kicking him out of this particular workstation…  I think I said something along the lines of “Hey, get your butt out of that chair, it’s for students.” And he said “I’m a student!” And I corrected myself, “I mean a ‘paying’ student!”



Oops… took this next pic too soon! One of the baskets are missing the handles…


Here’s Eric attaching them…


All the summer workshops went very well and we had fun meeting new students, visiting with prior students and catching up with the regulars.

Hope to see everyone again next summer!

Workshop Quick Shots: Suzanne’s Basket Cottage

We had a great time at the Basket Cottage in Georgia with Suzanne and Jud… and I think all the students did too! Eric taught his most popular basket at the moment — the Cottage Gardener. It must require a lot of concentration to create this basket since practically all my photos I took show students heavily into their work!


Thanks Hannah, Pat, Patti, Tracey, Eleanor, Peggy, Gail, Sybil, Suzanne and Jud! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! (Eleanor and Gail, we will see you in Florida for the Ocala workshop!)

Handles & Feet


Two weeks ago I showed you a pile of molds Mr. Basketmaker was working on for the Cottage Gardener basket he is teaching in Michigan and Georgia over the next few weeks.

This week, he was working on materials for the same basket, but this time the handles and feet. On a side note, see that wood brush there? I love that it is in this picture and Eric is using it. Why? Because it used to be my parent’s work tool! They were printed circuit board designers and before computers, they had to draw, by hand, all those electrical connections on large sheets of vellum and paper. And your paper’s surface had to be super clean when inking so you would use a fine brush to sweep away any dust and debris.  Now Eric uses it to clean his surfaces and remove sawdust from machines.



So pretty much over the last few days it was cutting, sanding, shaping, boiling and bending. I bet some of you did not know how much work goes into making all of the materials for just ONE basket! But since he is teaching the Gardener Basket, he has to make 1 x TWENTY! And, I might add that he has four other baskets he’s teaching in the next month as well. I simply do not know how he does it.