The Softer Side of Mr. Basketmaker


Awww…  Mr. Basketmaker, a.k.a. Uncle Eric, spent some time this morning reading a fun children’s book to his new nephew. At first the little guy was a little hesitant and a bit distracted with the big, burly, bearded man. But in no time they became instant friends!

And I might add, a future basketmaker may be in the forecast since he asked to wear his uncle’s GBA hat after the reading session was over. Thank gosh Auntie Kiki (the basketmaker’s wife) recently washed that GBA hat since it was really grimy a week ago!

Mr. Basketmaker Speaks: Lunatic Ravens’ Fan

Since Mrs. Basketmaker went to the dentist today and had a whole bunch of work done on both sides of her mouth and is in a lot of pain and is on her 3rd glass of wine so she can forget said pain, and because she is drooling and half in the bag, I’m feeling sorry for her so I will help her out and write today’s post.

So all you Basketmaker’s Wife Fans, I will take this opportunity to share with you a video of an obsessed football fan.

Around here in New England, everyone was glued to the TV for the big game yesterday. Side story… I tell you what, I went to Market Basket (regional grocery store) at about noon time to get some last minute game time provisions and the parking lot was full.

Another side story…the Pats game was going to be on at 4:30 pm —I would never go out that close to game time. Anyway, back to the Market Basket. The lot was full and I had to find a parking spot at the far end of the lot. I had my new sales flyer and didn’t think the whole Sunday-before-the-big-game-shopping-thing out too good. Anyway, I love Market Basket —they are a well-run company. I didn’t even have to wait to check out. Every register was occupied by a ready-and-able employee, not like Hannaford’s or Stop n’ Shop. Have I gotten off topic again?

Football! Football rules in this house. Thankfully, Lynne is also a big fan.  Yesterday, while watching the end of the Seattle and San Fran game, she blurted out, “Isn’t that Pete Carroll?” (Another tangent, she had to work yesterday on a big project so she wasn’t paying attention to the earlier games) I said , “Of course” and she said, “See, how many women would know that?” I thought in my head “how many women would actually be proud of that?” I decided to keep that lost comment to myself.

I’m getting off topic again. Let me try to wrap this up. Remember last year’s “Meghan and the glitter nail polish” video — The Green Bay Packers fan that had a melt down with her sister? It was posted on the blog last year and if you missed it, you can find it here.  Well, I have a new video for you this year.

The wife of a Baltimore Ravens fan taped her neurotic husband watching the game. I’m not sure why he was screaming like a little girl because the Ravens won!
(editor’s note: I am not on my 3rd glass of wine… it’s only my first! And I’m not half in the bag! He is correct about the drooling…  Enjoy the video! It’s a good one. Anyone recognize their own husbands?)

First New Basket of the Year


I love going into the workshop and seeing the progress of one of Eric’s new basket designs. Yesterday, he was doing just that — and the first design of the new year. It’s a square basket, still part of his Cottage series. It is complete and gorgeous!

However, I hesitate posting a new picture of the finished product since I don’t want to run into what happened last year. I posted a pic of a new basket and stated that he would be teaching it and a member of a particular convention jury, who was evaluating one of his submittals for an upcoming class, read my blog post and mistakenly assumed that Eric, himself, was bypassing this important jury process and announcing he was teaching this particular basket!

Hello! I guess this person didn’t realize that they were reading a blog written by the WIFE who was simply, and ignorantly, bragging about her husband’s latest work! I’m just the basketmaker’s wife — I know nothing!