Now Twist And Stretch…

Below is one of Eric’s new baskets that he will be offering for workshops in 2016.


I thought it looked like a person, reaching up to the sky, in a yoga sort of pose. So Mr. Basketmaker named it “Twist and Stretch.”

But then I told him my unsolicited opinion that this basket should have a head-like shape as a lid. He rolled his eyes followed by a small grunt and a “corner-of-the-eye” stare. Nonetheless, he said he would only entertain the idea if I came up with something and presented it to him. (I also sneakily told our friend Suzanne so we could gang up on him, two against one, for the idea of a lid. I think she convinced him that it could be a good idea…)

So I’m in the process of attempting to make some clay sphere finials to attach to a wood lid that can be custom ordered for this basket.

Now that statement is not a guarantee (hence me using the word “attempting”). I have not created a clay shape, as of yet, that I like! But I will keep at it. If I’m successful, then I’ll post some of them here.

P.S. Suzanne, I was going to post the “clay head knob” ideas we created but I didn’t want to embarrass either of us… 

Five Questions Friday: Basket Wrap

Q: Our cousin Kerryn sent me her professional sketch of a vehicle wrap that she thinks we should get for the van. What do you think?


Eric: Ah, it’s pretty cute but the whole cat thing is not going to work, even though I’m a cat lover. But I can’t be advertising a cat since my dog Jaxson would probably eat that cat as a mid-morning snack and putting a photo up there would be false advertising. Plus, the dog Kerryn drew looks like Chance and I’d rather have the more masculine Jaxson on my vehicle wrap. And, quite honestly, I think my nephew Andrew who is two, could do a better illustration.
(Oh my gosh… that is so harsh….)

Q: Speaking of Kerryn, I was on the phone with her last week and we both want to know what was up with your attitude last Friday when I texted you while you were in Indiana and asked you about Five Questions Friday and you texted back “yeah, what about it?”  and I never heard from you again until the next day? I missed my Five Questions Friday Post!
Eric: What? I just finished a class and I was tired and I needed to get something to eat, and well, I can’t remember… what was the question again? 

Q: Next question came in as a text from my brother Tripp: Who is your favorite nephew?
Eric: What? I can’t answer that. And because of that question I’m declaring that next Friday is “Mr. Basketmaker asks his Brother-in-law Five Questions!”
(that should be interesting…)

Q: What was up with you bursting in yesterday while I was on speaker phone with two clients, yelling “Jaxson is out here running around like a maniac”!
Eric: How did I know you were on the phone with clients. Maybe you should put up some kind of warning light or sound that does “beep beep” or something.
(Hmmmm, I remember telling you I would be on conference at 12:00!)

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Well that’s easy. Okay, uhm, not that it really aggravated me but I can’t really say because my wife does such a great job on the website and the blog and everything But…. why does it still say that there are four spots left in my week class when there is only like one available and has been for the last couple weeks? I’m just saying…
(Okay, as an employee who does not get paid from Eric Taylor Basketry, I’m announcing that “I Quit!”)

The Cottage Girls 2015 Calendar: March

Here’s March’s “Calendar Girl” which happens to be Miss Pat Beagle! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then read this post here.


It’s March and I may be starting to sound a little forged very shortly, but this is one of my favorites as well. (translation or heads up: there’s more “months” ahead that are my favorites…)

The basket for the month of March was woven by Pat Beagle and when I was deciding where to shoot everyone’s baskets, I knew I wanted hers to be staged simply sitting on this exquisite area rug on the property, outside Atlanta, where I was shooting all the baskets.

For a calendar, rather at least for me, I usually need to keep it very organic and not decide, while on shoot, which baskets will be for what month. Instead, I chose to look at the piece in front of me, and decide what “background” would work well with this particular craft.

Nonetheless, as I initially processed Pat’s sewing basket in my head, I knew I needed to have it for March. Let’s say it was an instinct, or a feeling, or something I can’t explain. But I simply knew it was going to be featured for that month and I planned accordingly.

However, and as every designer knows, you need to have a “backup plan, just in case my instincts were inoperative that particularly sunny November day.” So I actually set up two shots for this basket… the one on this gorgeous carpet and another, outside in front of a red barn. The “carpet” shot won. But then again, I had great clients for this project and they pretty much left it up to me on what I thought looked best. So there really was no debate on what image would be used for March.

Below is March’s Calendar Girl, Miss Pat Beagle!


Note: I heard the little bird image used for the First Day of Spring, on March 20th, happens to be Jud M.’s favorite image… could this be true? Also, I don’t know who wove and created the basket I used for St. Patrick’s Day! (Bad me.) If anyone knows, please inform me here!