Working for the Basket Biz

I think I’ve whined on here enough about how much I dislike web work, so I won’t go into my usual rant. Fast forward to today, where I could no longer put off the web job that’s been on my to do list for months now.

It’s all the update work I needed to do for Mr. Basketmaker’s website and his private workshop class pages. (Ugh….)

So I finally plopped myself down in our new comfy dark gray reclining chair (yes, the one that “those other people” usually have that we said we would never buy and in fact, did buy a couple months ago) in front of the tv today and just plugged away. I needed to get out of my office because there’s too many distractions there.

I know… I’m the opposite. A home office is supposed to be a place where you can escape to, with no distractions. But you haven’t seen my studio. It might as well have a blinking orange neon sign that says “distractions over here” and one of those big finger graphics pointing straight at my desk. That’s another item on my very long to do list as well… clean up office so it’s no longer a vast distraction.

About a couple hours ago, I finally got his workshop page updated on his website and also the much-needed accommodations page —that I promised his already-booked students I would have done before the end of the year — added to the site page with his private workshops to be held here at his basketry studio in Tennessee.

So for those that were waiting for this info, simply click on the pages below and it will bring you right to the site online.


And his updated workshop schedule…


So I now feel quite accomplished! Until the boss, Mr. Basketmaker (who pays me nothing), came in about ten minutes ago and said “hey, where’s the ‘Area attractions’ page that I wanted you to add.”  (I’m sure he noticed my eyes rolling around 180°.)

After my eyes focused straight ahead at him, I simply got up and filled a nice big glass of wine. Then returned back to my laptop, and continued on with my latest distraction… while I was working on said “Area Attractions” page, I came across a new yoga facility that is actually a studio in a tree house, right here where I live in McMinnville. Why didn’t I know about this place sooner? I need to stop by her place and have a chat… Another item added to my to do list.

Workshop Quick Shots: Sandwich

That’s not “sandwich” as in lunch. That’s Sandwich as in Center Sandwich, a picturesque town in New Hampshire, where Eric held a workshop today for the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. He taught his Cottage 7-Inch Carrier Basket to a full class of twelve (Eric’s maximum number of students since he likes to be “hands-on” with equal time for everyone).

I was not in attendance, but rather hanging out with my friend Karen for the day enjoying some serious thrift store shopping. So Eric was on his own and these are some of the quick pics he took of his class.