Lakeside Cottage Workshop Quick Pics

We returned a couple days ago from one of my favorite places to visit – a little town outside of Atlanta – where Eric had a three-day workshop.


It was absolutely gorgeous weather in Milton, Georgia over the weekend. Which was great for me since I was out taking many photographs of all the Cottage Girls’ baskets for their upcoming yearly calendar. Will share pictures after it is published.



It was a full house all three days. Eric certainly had his work cut out for him.


Above, in the solid blue (left), is poor Miss Tracey who was working with an injured left hand! Here she is, plugging away on the wine carrier basket. As someone who broke her finger a few years back and had surgery but still worked the whole time, I feel her pain.


Here’s Eric conversing¬†away with all the ladies. Jud, one of the hosts, made a comment that Eric is becoming a very chatty fellow! I have to agree with him!

Workshop Quick Shots: Minnesota

I promised to put these on yesterday but when we got home, we unpacked and I went to bed and read a book all evening! So I intentionally ignored my blog… sorry to those who have asked me, “Hey, where’s the workshop photos?” and to the ones who didn’t ask me but kept checking to see if the pics were posted yet.

Eric (and I) had the pleasure of being hosted by the Minnesota Basket Weavers Guild Thursday to Sunday. Well, really Eric since he is the basket maker and teacher. I’m just the wife who sits quietly in the corner. And an extra special thanks to Jean who opened up her sweet and cozy home to both of us. And for the dinner (awesome fish tacos) and of course the Twins game!

It was a great workshop and thank you to all of Eric’s students! Enjoy!
minnesota-basket-weaver-guild-2013For more info about the Minnesota Basket Weavers Guild, click here.

A Holding Pattern.

We have been away from home for two weeks. It was a little harder this time because we have not lived in Tennessee for very long and both of us had lengthy “to do” lists floating in our heads. We were anxious to get our living and work spaces organized but we were well over 1,000 miles away! So despite us being very productive while on the road, it also felt like our lives were on “hold.”

But I’m not complaining. I’m told Eric’s two workshops in Suffield, Connecticut and Sandwich, New Hampshire went very well. I say “told” because I was not there. Yes, the basketmaker’s wife usually attends or at least pays a quick visit to all of Eric’s workshops, but it was different this time.

While Eric was working, I also needed to work but in addition, visiting family and friends was high on my schedule. Especially with my new little nephew. me-and-andrew I know I have brought him up many times in the last week but I cannot help it! He is so darn cute and has a new special place in my heart. I mean look at that face!

He is my little “future best pal.” Hopefully he can make it down here south real soon! But I guess Eric and I will need to finish getting the guest room up and running. First, we need to get a window in there. Right now, the room is windowless and looks like a small, claustrophobic closet. It used to be the nursery when the building housed a church. I do not know how those little souls enjoyed being cooped up in a tiny room with no window!

I know my nephew won’t like it one bit. So guest room is high on the list for getting done. Right Mr. Basketmaker? Oh yeah. I almost forgot that we’re off to Minnesota for another workshop shortly. Guess that room will be on “hold” until we get back.

Being married to a craftsman/teacher who travels around the country puts your life in a “holding pattern” a dozen times a year. You would think by now I would get used to that. But I don’t think I will. Whenever I’m heavy into a new project or mustered up the ambition to organize my office or sort and clean our closet, we have to pack up and leave.

But as I said a few paragraphs ago, I’m not complaining.