Five Questions Friday: Snack Boss

Q: You sold out of all your mold wizards before Christmas. Have you ever sold out of something before?
Eric: Yes, my miniatures, I’m always out. (editor’s note: Oh yeah. I forgot about those. But I think an item with a 6 year waiting list does not count.)

Q: 2012 has been a beans-and-rice kind of year. Will 2013 be the same or do you think we can upgrade to tuna fish sandwiches or something more lavish?
I hoped for change but you should probably stay used to the beans and rice.

Q: Why is it that, according to you, processed crackers and fake cheese packs are a perfect snack but I cannot have real chocolate as a snack?
Eric: I bought them for the flight to Florida this Sunday. I will make sure to pick up a chocolate bar for you, big baby. (editor’s note: I don’t like his tone.)

Q: Who made you the snack boss in this house anyways?.
Eric: If you went to the store then you could be the snack boss. Until then, I AM the snack boss. (editor’s note: He does have a point.)

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: They banned the Possum Drop. (editor’s note: Will have a post about this New Year’s.)