Five Questions Friday: What’s a Half Twist?

Q: What is the name of this basket and how did you come up with this design?
I named it the Full Twist. Well, it really was a simpler and smaller version of one of my more intricate exhibit baskets.

Q:  Have you taught this basket and if not, are you going to teach it?
Yes, I have taught the “full twist” basket before. 

Q: What would a half-twist look like? If someone got tired of making all those little twisty things they could just stop and call it a Half Twist?
Eric: Well, you are sort of onto something here. Students weren’t too fond of making all those twists as they completed the rows and worked their way up. I myself enjoy doing them. But I decided not to do any full twist type baskets in my workshops. 

Q: How do you feel beating your wife and preventing her from being 4-0 in our Brady Gaga Fantasy Football League?
Eric: How do I feel about it? Ah, I always had a hard time playing my wife in our league. It’s the worst part of the year. But what am I supposed to do, tank? If it’s any consolation, I would rather you win the whole championship before me.
(Well, I would have had a nicely paved road if you didn’t beat me last week.)

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: I just saw the new appointment card from our dentist and you scheduled it for the day of my birthday?
I did? Sorry. It didn’t even dawn on me.
Well, that really aggravated me that you think a good birthday gift would be going to the dentist.
In my defense, I sort of didn’t pay attention because she said “6 months’ and I knew I would be canceling it anyway because you find going to the dentist once a year too much.