Imperative and Important Project Being Worked on Today

I’m elated to be sharing this very important project Mr. Basketmaker busied himself with today in the basketry workshop.

Why am I all giddy about this special task? Because I’m so close to owning it for the next year I can taste it.

What is it? Well, the Brady Gaga Fantasy Football trophy!


This evening, when I walked into the workshop, Eric was renovating the existing trophy by adding a larger base which will have new shiny brass plates with the names of all our past winners.

The pic still shows work in progess but I couldn’t wait to brag about my hard-working team, the “Cookie Crumblers” who finally made it to the prestigious Gaga Bowl! And I am the only girl in the league, I might add, that Mr. Basketmaker is the commissioner of. And I’m pumped!

Hopefully, and with a ton of luck, I will post a picture of me with this coveted trophy in my hands (and Mr. Basketmaker, sulking in the background because HE has never made it to the Gaga Bowl before…. tee hee).

Big Matchup This Week.

It’s stressful in the Basketmaker’s household this week. We’re both in a head-to-head match-up in our fantasy football league. As of Sunday evening, my team, the Cookie Crumblers, is still projected to win against Eric’s team, Viva Manch Vegas. But it’s not looking too good for me. A couple players are not performing how they should!

We’re both 2-0 and want to be 3-0 after tomorrow. But only one of us can have the number one team and I only hope it’s me! I mean, I have the better team logo and name. What is Viva Manch Vegas anyways?

Are You Ready For Some Football?

What is the most important thing that is going on in our house these days? After being gone for two weeks you would think it would be fulfilling some orders from the last workshop. Nope. Weaving two miniature baskets that were ordered last week? Nope. Mowing the overgrown lawn? Nope. Getting rid of the weeds that have spread like the plague in our front yard? Nope. Playing with Chance because we’ve missed him so much? Nope. Washing the heap of laundry downstairs blocking the door to the backyard? Nope. Invoicing my clients for the month of July? Nope. Returning calls from the people who left messages over the last two weeks we were away? Nope. Catching up on Burn Notice, American Pickers and Restaurant Impossible? Nope.

Okay, okay. So what is the most important thing going on? Our upcoming Brady Gaga League Football draft which I have been reminded is only ten days away. For the last few days, I’ve been fielding calls from some “obnoxious” league members asking me who I am going to draft or if I know who Eric is going to draft. And then I have Eric coming upstairs informing me of all the things he needs to do to get ready for this year’s Football season. As I write this, I am waiting to edit the letter Eric will be sending to all league members officially “welcoming” them to the new Brady Gaga season. He’s been working on it for three hours now! (Not kidding).

For those who don’t know what Brady Gaga is and are new to this blog, it is the name of our Fantasy Football League and Eric is the commissioner. And I do have to admit, he is a fantastic commissioner. And I really enjoy being part of a Fantasy Football League. But don’t tell him that. I still want him to believe that I think he is annoying, especially on Sundays. That way, he makes me lots of good snacks during the football games.

So what has my part been in the preparations for the upcoming season? Getting Sister Gaga all dusted off of course! I need good players this time! So she will be set right next to me during the online draft.

Now before I get any emails from some thinking I should not be using vintage nun statues for Fantasy Football. I went through twelve (very long) years of private Catholic education… I am allowed to have a little fun with a statue depicting a devoted nun (well, at least I think it’s okay… the typical Catholic guilty conscience is seeping in…)