Our Kitchen Renovation: Countertops

So you already know that we’re renovating our kitchen. But not a typical renovation. This all has to be done on a low, low, low, extremely low budget. Remember, we’re starving artists so the top two tools for this renovation are 1) Creativity and 2) Sweat Equity.

So we started with converting a kitchen closet into a semi-walk-in pantry. And then we got sidetracked by removing the floor. Then we got sidetracked again with testing out an idea I had for the countertops: Decoupage.

Below are images of the whole process. I’m thinking the pictures are not doing it justice because the counter turned out amazing! Have two more counters to go now!

We have two different countertops in our kitchen and as you can see, they're not in great shape.
I tore pictures from an outdated cookbook that was mostly all text. Then I wrinkled the pages and Mod Podged them to the countertop by applying glue to the pages and a thin layer to the countertop as well. I then rolled it down with considerable pressure to remove any air bubbles.
Continue gluing and rolling until completely covered.
Now the fun part — painting! First color down is a yellow hue that was thinned out with a mixing medium. Painted random strokes and then rubbed it in with a cloth towel. Then I mixed in a reddish brown color and applied to different sections and rubbing/blotting with the towel.
Applying paint and rubbing with a towel. After the yellow and orange/brown colors, two layers of different shades of gray are applied in particular spots to create the ethereal effect.
My part is done. Eric is applying the lacquer. Remember to wear one of those high-end filtered masks since this product has lots of fumes! We estimated about 10 coats are needed.
This is one of the final pics taken. Need about 4 more layers of lacquer and next I will decoupage the back edging to complete this countertop. We love the way it turned out! Especially how the colors change with the daylight and overhead lights at night.