Five Questions Friday: Canine Cost of Living Declines

Q: How was Chance when you picked him up from the vet?
Eric: He was a little dazed and confused. Appears the stuff they gave to knock him out was still wearing off.

Q: Our neighbor pulled in on his 4-wheeler with a long pole. What did he want?
Eric: I have no idea. His accent was so thick I didn’t understand one word. He had a long bamboo pole and it sounded like he was looking  for pears. I know it really wasn’t “pears” but that’s what it sounded like.  All I could understand was that last year he got $75 for 300lbs of  “it” — whatever “it” is.

Q: So last week everyone welcomed you to the 21st Century when you finally got a phone that texts. How many texts have you sent out in a week’s time?
Eric: Incoming and out is over 225. I knew this was a bad idea and it’s costing me more money.
(doesn’t sound like it’s such a bad idea to you when I heard your phone dinging all the time with new messages)

Q: I love our mail lady. Don’t you love her?
Eric: Did you write this question before or after she delivered our neighbor’s mail? Kidding… despite getting mixed up mail today, seriously, she’s very nice.
(ha ha. Yes, I wrote the question down for you BEFORE she delivered a stack of our neighbor’s mail. Hey, it’s Friday and I believe she had a craft fair to go to — she’s a stained glass artist as well.

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: You know what, after getting Chance’s vet bill today, absolutely Nothing. We easily saved over $200 with the new vet down here. 
(I know! I thought you were joking when you told me the total! Guess the cost of living down here is cheaper for dogs as well. Glad it wiped out all your annoyances this week. I was sure you were going to write something about my brother!)