Saturday Night Art Walk: Dogwood

I’ve been missing in action for the last week or so for a very good reason… I was busy lying to Mr. Basketmaker!

Yes, I was being totally deceptive over the last six weeks ago. Is it bad if I was starting to enjoy it?

Explanation: it was his 50th Birthday last Saturday and he made me promise NOT to celebrate the occasion (First lie out of many…).

I convinced him that he had basketry work outside of Atlanta at the Basket Cottage in Milton. How I did that, I’m not sure because I cannot remember all the little fibs I told. Long story short, we drove down there last Friday. And because I was so exhausted over all the work it takes in deceiving your husband, I went to bed early and quickly fell asleep—totally missing 5 Questions Friday.

His intimate little surprise birthday celebration was lots of fun and he wasn’t upset with me at all! (which I was very stressed about— I will post later this week some highlights.)

So I haven’t posted all week because I was seriously recuperating! And poor Mr. Basketmaker ended up losing a couple days of getting ready for the Indiana Convention. So I was doing everything I could to help him out. And last night, he was supposed to call, while at the Convention, to answer his questions but he didn’t due to falling asleep (at least that’s what he told me this morning when he phoned!).

So on to tonight’s Art Walk which will be all about the 79th Annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival that we went to the day after Eric’s birthday. There were over 200 artists so I will highlight the ones that we found inspiring.

The Wine I’m drinking this evening… Uhm, Chardonnay. I don’t like to admit that because isn’t it common knowledge that single men listen for women ordering Chardonnay at the bar because it means they’re ‘easy’?

The last few songs on my Pandora playlist: Tom Rush, Caitlyn Cary & Thad Cockrell and Robert Plant.

The first artist I admired was Atlanta artist, Daphne Covington.

Her composition, colors, texture and energy were amazing. I could look at her work for hours. As an abstract artist myself, I can really appreciate her talent.

Not too many basketmakers there but here’s one I found interesting and quite beautiful…


Above piece is from basketmaker and woodturner Jerry Maxey of South Carolina.

SCAnother abstract artist I liked was Su Abbott whose paintings reminded me of rusted metals, sitting outside for decades, forming an interesting patina…

The above painting was acrylics painted on board. I love the earthy nature and corrosion from time that it conveys.

Mr. Basketmaker and I both enjoyed talking and learning about the work of artist Kent Ambler…

Above is one of his woodcuts. During our conversation, I told him that after taking classes of this art form in college, I discovered I was too lazy to continually line things up and run it though the press. He was quick to add that maybe he’s lazy as well because he intentionally doesn’t strive to line up each plate’s colors, which give it this unique bounced image effect. Now why didn’t I think of that way back when???

Next are two very cool photographs from artist Michael Bryant. I believe Eric’s mom Joanne and our friend Suzanne liked his work as well.

I love both the abstract yet traditional approach to his work. Both of these images were created by doing multiple exposures.

Now who doesn’t love a shibori? Next is textile artist Michael Smith of North Carolina.

He dyes silk as non-traditional shibori. I loved it and wish I could purchase one of his wearable creations (I’d have to sell a lot of paintings for that…).

And finally, for the quilters (which I am not but I appreciate the medium)…

I’m always drawn to quilts that tell a story, like this one above.

Hope you have a relaxing Saturday Night!

What’s This Saturday Night Thing?

Yesterday I mentioned that I’m adding a new feature of sorts to my blog called “Saturday Night Surf”. I also claimed this name would probably change. And it has. But then I changed it again while writing this. So before Saturday night becomes Sunday morning, I’ll leave it nameless for now.

So what is it and why am I doing it?

Last week, Eric and I were talking about how we are really lacking in some culture since we moved to middle Tennessee. So I thought about simulating an “art walk” of sorts, but online. Which is most likely defined as “digital content curation.” Which is simply the collecting and sorting of content.

I do this almost on a daily basis. As an art director and graphic artist, I’m always researching trends and ideas and creating inspiration boards for my work. And I thought I should share some of these on my blog but in a fun way. So out of my many images I’ve gathered, I’m planning on randomly choosing several images that inspire me at this present moment and then see if I could extract a common theme, of sorts, from the images gathered. Then maybe I could add in an image or two that clearly represents the theme. We’ll see how it goes. I’m aiming for every other Saturday.

So tonight, that’s what I did. After I had my collection, I let Mr. Basketmaker identify the “common theme” that he saw. In seconds he said, I see it…”Growth Rings.” I think I will ask him every week since I was having a hard time summarizing all my imagery!

Now of course, I need to add, that since I’m the basketmaker’s wife, I will include weaving and basketry in the mix too (so don’t worry all you basket makers out there). As an artist and craftsman, you never know where inspiration will strike. Exploring all platforms inspires creativity in all of us!

So here we go! Tonight’s Saturday Night “Art Walk” is curated by me, the basketmaker’s wife. It is now titled “Growth Rings” but as it is with any curation, it is also left up to the audience in what they see from the gathering.

All I ask now is for you to put on some ‘chill’ music, get a glass of wine, put your feet up and see what I’ve come up with for our first online art walk!

And, in case you are wondering, a few of the artists I have in my current Pandora playlist: Emmylou Harris, Mark Knopfler and The Wailin’ Jennys.

The wine I would be drinking tonight if I wasn’t on antibiotics (lol): A Malbec from Argentina (next time I promise I’ll have a drink with y’all!)

Growth Rings:

Most of you know I like abstracts and textures. So my first image is a print from Alicia Ludwig. I liked this image because it was simple… textured background with a silhouette of a tree knocked out.

saturday-surf-alicia-ludwig-aurora-silhouette-iiiTitle: “Aurora Silhouette III” by Alicia Ludwig and prints can be found on

I love the concept of these next two images….

paper mache bowls

paper mache bowl

I love text, mixed media, decoupage and shapes… these papier-mâché bowls are right up my alley! Images from the user: Urtica on  (also click on the image to go the source site.)

I’m impressed with mixed media artists who can use “scribbles” as a technique and create a beautiful piece. Here’s a sample of one of those such artists…


The artist is Sandi FitzGerald and this piece is titled “Somewhere In Between.” It has been sold but you can see more at her Flickr page by clicking the image.

Next image is “Suzy’s Basket” by artist Mary Tucker. So sweet…

Suzy's Basket

Hopefully next time I will be more organized and post much closer to dinner time so y’all can join me with that glass of wine!!