Five Questions Friday: Horse Obsessed

Q: The State of Tennessee confirms the first case of chikungunya! What if I get it?
Eric: I heard that too. I guess you would be the second confirmed case in Tennessee.
(That is not funny.)

Q: What is chikungunya anyway?
Eric: If you don’t know what it is, why are you worried about catching it? I think it’s a disease spread by mosquitoes and I’m assuming you get really sick.

Q: Football season doesn’t start for months. Why have you been spending so much time lately on our league, Brady Gaga?
Eric: I’m trying not to spend that much time but why I’m working on it now is because it’s important to get people signed up before our draft in August.

Q: Why do you think Jackson is so obsessed with horses?
Eric: Gheesh I really don’t know. Maybe he thinks he’s one of those miniature horses. But it’s weird how he even hears horses on TV and then flips out and wants to go outside, thinking there’s a horse nearby.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Easy. Jackson taking off twice after that girl on her horse and annoying the both of them for half a mile.
(Like I said last Friday, he quite possibly could be untrainable. You will have to work harder…)