Five Questions Friday: It’s Cold Outside

Q: In dog years, supposedly 7 years is only 1 year to a dog. Does that mean if we travel for 7 days straight, does it  feel like 1 day to a dog?
Eric: No. You have it opposite! It would feel like 49 days to a dog!

Q: Oh yeah! Silly me! So when we went to Chicago, did the 8-hour trip feel like 56 hours to Chance?
Eric: You would have to ask him. But in dog theory, I guess my answer is “yes”!
(editor’s note: wow, 56 hours trapped in a car with us? Sounds like total torture!)

Q: How thrilled are you that the Red Sox are in the World Series?
Eric: I’m really thrilled! Very thrilled! And happy that I can watch the Red Sox since it’s on network tv!

Q: How thrilled do you think Yankee-obsessed Joanne Howard is?
Eric: Who cares about her and her loser Yankees. She better get used to it. It’s going to be quite a while before they start winning again.
(editor’s note: don’t be mean to Joanne! She cannot help it that she loves the Yankees!)

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: It is now cold here! I’m very annoyed that we woke up to 26 degree weather! I moved to the South expecting warm weather this time of year!