What Do You Mean This County is Dry?!?!?

Mr. Basketmaker is so lucky that it never dawned on me when we were looking at this property to research whether it’s sitting in a DRY county or not. It never occurred to me! If I knew ahead of time the alcohol availability of this place, “dry county” would have made it to my “con” list when we were trying to make the decision of “yes-or-no” to uproot our lives and move here.

However, we figured it out rather quickly when we went out to get a bottle of wine. They do sell beer and wine coolers. But no wine or liquor. Bummer!

wine-glass-basketryAnd yesterday it was a major bummer. Somehow, I seemed to have hurt my lower back. Not exactly sure how but I think it was over the weekend when I lifted an outdoor table over my head to prove to my obnoxious husband that I’m not as weak as he says I am. What was I thinking?! Oh yeah. I wasn’t. It was my female ego trying to prove a man wrong. Now look at who is the obnoxious one. Yes, it is I. And I’m paying for it now.

I have not been able to stand up perfectly straight in two days. I’m using one of our carved walking sticks as a cane. And I’m whining to Mr. Basketmaker every second I can. All this whimpering and belly-aching has included the absence of wine in this house to take the edge off and maybe help me fall asleep!

So he did what any wonderful, amazing and extremely loveable husband would do (Okay, I’m being a little wise here and intentionally poking fun at all those “women” bloggers out there who brag and publicly write about how snuggly and amazing and loving and wonderful and marvelous and stunning and fabulous their incredible husbands are and in turn how perfectly spectacular their lives are… blah, blah, blah. Don’t worry, Mr. Basketmaker still drives me crazy and I will continue to complain about it here — No ‘fakeness’ found within this blog people!)

I veered off on another tangent… where was I? Oh yes, I was talking about my wonderful, amazing and extremely loveable husband, who, to ease my pain and suffering, jumped in the car and drove to the next county to get me some wine! Isn’t he the best?

All is good in my world right now… for the moment and/or as long as I don’t move, except to drink my wine of course.