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Saturday Night Artwalk: The Mini’s of Mr. Basketmaker

Tonight I’m featuring none other than my husband, Mr. Basketmaker and his fabulous tiny mini baskets. Now for the usual stuff…

What I’m drinking: Okay, again, it’s a Chardonnay. Now I need a disclaimer here…  this may be the 3rd time I say I’m drinking this varietal but before I start getting students bringing me bottles of Chardonnay, I need to reveal that this is not one of my favorites. But beggars cannot be choosey. We live in a dry county and Mr. Basketmaker travelled a jaunt, by himself, to get me some wine for tonight. I keep saying we should stock up but we never do. As artists on a budget, there’s always something else more important than wine. 

What I’m listening to: This is actually a little different in that it’s not a usual playlist but rather a documentary on the tv that Eric insisted I watch. But it was more like ‘listening’ because it was about three musical groups who piled into five old VW vans and toured half the country. It is titled “Austin to Boston” and featured the bands Ben Howard, Nathaniel Rateliff, The Staves (who are amazing!) and Bear’s Den. Needless to say there was a lot of great ‘live’ music playing in the background while writing this and I can’t elaborate further since I’m not sure if Mr. Basketmaker will feature this little film in his new “documendation series.” However, if I was a betting gal, I would say he won’t because he went to bed before it was over. 

I’ve mentioned before that Eric was “in the zone” with creating many of his mini’s. He completed them a couple weeks ago and sold about three quarters of his inventory. I wanted to get many of these online before North Carolina… but c’est la vie. Anyways, below are most of his mini’s he created and the ones that haven’t sold I provided a link to where you can purchase them. There’s only six left. And I’ve already been on him that he needs to keep going! After all, he has a waiting list dating back to 2005 now, I think (It was even earlier but I believe he has now satisfied a bunch of them).

The following two are sold out. I don’t know if it’s because their names incorporate the word “bungalow” or not but maybe it does!

The photo below is Eric’s mini version of his Bungalow Bowl…


… and here’s his mini version of his Bungalow Tote…

Both of the bungalow baskets have sold out. But I’m sure he will be making more. He does have two of his mini “Carrier” baskets available which I have pictured below…



Either click on the image or here to purchase either of these.

Next up are his Desktop Keeper, Desktray and Jewel mini baskets but before you desire them quickly, they also are sold out. But I’m sure he will be making more. When? That I am not sure about. But aren’t they magnificent?

Above photo is the Desktop Keeper and the one below is his Desktray…  mini versions of his full-size baskets:

… and next his little sweet Jewel Basket, also sold out…

This next series is his Cottage Mail Basket. He currently has available two “mini’s” and one “small” version of this Mail basket.


The above is a pic of the “mini”. In the next image you can see his full-size Cottage Mail basket next to the “Small” version with is bottom left and the two “mini” baskets seen on the bottom right…

All three baskets are available to purchase. Either click the image or click here.

Next is the only other available basket left to purchase which is his newest, the Presentation Bowl:

And I couldn’t including a pic of one of his mini baskets with his teeny tiny signature (isn’t it cute?)…

I will finish with three of his most popular full and small size baskets…

Above is his mini version of the Cottage Tote and below his French Bread…


And his cute little mini Cottage Wine Tote…


I may be biased but these are all examples of the finest craftsmanship.

Have a good evening and Happy Easter!

NOTE: Click on any of the images with the GREEN background and you will go directly to the ETSY page…

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Yes, the Goddesses have Crunch Time Too!

The “Basket Goddesses” week is winding down. It’s a mad dash to finish….


Above is one of the Boxcar Baskets in progress. Below is Connie’s “exhibit basket” right after the rims have been added and clamped…

Here’s Suzanne’s basket that is next in line for the rims to be “clamped in”…goddess-basket-crunch-exhibit

Here’s Diana’s basket, rims are in and next are the first steps to the handle installation…


Here’s Mr. Basketmaker working on the attachment of the handle to Kathy’s Wine Carrier Basket…


Below is Connie working on installing the first weaver of her small pin cushion basket…


I like this shot because it shows Kathy in action (she’s an ‘on-the-go’ kind of gal)… getting her pin cushion basket off and running…


Here’s Suzanne nailing in her rims right before sundown. And will you look at that pattern! I was a first-hand witness at how challenging this pattern was (my studio/office was a few steps above the weaving area… let’s say I could see, and hear, everything).


The Goddesses were still hard at work in Eric’s workshop even though it was very dark outside…


Here’s a pic I took outside, as I was looking into Eric’s workshop. It was overcast and almost pitch dark except for the light radiating from the window…



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I’m Going to Steal This Basket

Is this not the sweetest little, full-size Eric Taylor basket ever???

birds-nest-basket-eric-taylor-basketryI say “full-size” because he has lots of mini and small baskets that are miniature representatives of his full-size baskets. And of course, I find most of those adorable, such as his Cottage Smalls Tool Basket.

But this basket is not one of his mini’s or smalls. It is named the Cottage Bird’s Nest Basket and it is so adorable! He will be teaching it in a couple days at the Georgia Basketry Convention in Atlanta, along with his Pencil Twist Basket.

When he comes back, I’m definitely going to swipe this charming creation of his, and put it on my desk. It would be perfect to store my little iPad headphones, or maybe some paper clips, or move it to my drawing table and store my silver push pins… well, maybe I shouldn’t put it there since it may get charcoal or paint on it.

I don’t know, but I will think of something before he comes back with his sample. All I know, is this Bird’s Nest is mine after the GBA!



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