Baskets & Fur

Eric’s summer workshops are in full swing. And our furry family members are delighted…

There’s a line of baskets waiting for Eric’s attention. Coco Kitty cut to the front of the line. This is her first “basket workshop” and she’s been loving all the chatter and activity—except for the fact that it also brings in the curious and annoying Jaxson into the workshop more than usual.
Speaking of the “beast” here is Jaxson looking for some attention from Mark and Joann. I think this is immediately after his “standoff” with Coco Kitty. Plus, it’s Thursday and there’s baskets to be finished—no time for canine affection.
But no problem for Chance who easily distracts Miss Ginger…
But not succeeding in distracting poor Mark who has a lot of work to do on his Apple Basket. Chance still hasn’t grasped the concept that students are not here for him.
However Chance is going to get ‘booted’ if he keeps getting in Eric’s way… But then again, all I have to do is walk out the door. I am hardly ever out of Chance’s sight.

Moral of this story? We started these workshops with one dog, Chance. Then Jaxson arrived. This year we have Coco Kitty. So if you plan on coming next summer, be prepared for another being… maybe a pet pig? Rabbit? You never know who will come roaming down our driveway as their ‘last resort’ in looking for a home.

April’s Calendar Girl: Suzanne of the Basket Cottage

I forgot to post April’s calendar page! I wanted to post it on Eric’s birthday. How I overlooked this is beyond me, especially since his baskets are featured on the page. Not a good Basketmaker’s Wife at all! LOL. (Sorry Eric!)

So April’s Calendar Girl is Miss Suzanne of the Basket Cottage. It features Eric’s miniatures and smalls. Most were woven by Suzanne and some woven by Mr. Basketmaker himself.

Y’all enjoy the last few days of April.


Five Questions Friday: Hold the Fish

Q: While you are away in North Carolina I decided to give Chance a haircut in your workshop. Look at this pic I quickly snapped… Coco Kitty kept playing with his foot! They’re going to be great friends, don’t you think?
Eric: Uh, Uh, Yeah, I guess. But from my experience, no cat is afraid of Chance.
(You do have a point…)

Q: You think that will ever happen with Jaxson?
Eric: Uh, no. No. Nope.

Q: BTW, Chance didn’t like laying on the wood floor in your workshop for some reason and kept moving onto your rug. So there’s sort of a lot of hair scattered around. I know how much you love picking up all his clipped fur so should I leave it until you get back? I wouldn’t want to deprive you of this enjoyment…
Eric: Heck no! Sweep that up and vacuum that rug. I don’t want his fur getting in the movie room especially with that cat. She’s probably flipping it all up in the air as we speak. It’s probably on my workbench, on the shelves, on the chair, in my bathroom, on the towels…
(Okay, Okay… Dang).

Q: How’s the North Carolina convention going?
Eric: Good. But I have a story for you. I walked across the street from the hotel to grab something to eat and ordered a cod sandwich and the lady asks “do you want fish with that?” and I said “What?” She repeated “Do you want fish with that?” And I said, “Doesn’t it come with fish?” She looked at me for a few seconds, and then said “Oh, no! I mean do you want cheese on that!” We both laughed but afterwards, I wished instead of me saying “What?” I said “Yes, I’ll have the Cod Sandwich but hold the fish.”

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: That cat again. While I was plugging up that hole she found next to the old stove vent in the cabinet, she hopped back up there, knocked over a stack of my molds and then spilled my coffee on the floor and all over herself… I ran out and only had enough for one cup and she dumped it! So I had no coffee. That really aggravated me.