Five Questions Friday: Lifetime

Q: I have to admit, you did such a good job washing Jaxson. What does it feel like to have such a clean and less stinky dog?
Ah, it is very refreshing.

Q: Speaking of the less-stinky Jaxson… what is up with him? Yesterday he jumped through the open door of the Fed Ex truck as he was making his way up our driveway. It was like FedEx was delivering our dog to us. Weren’t you embarrassed? 
Eric: No. The way I see it he was doing us a favor. He prevented the driver from running him over. So he did a good thing.

Q: Because of your ‘aggravation’ answer last week, I stated I would ask you extra long questions this week. So here’s one, and be specific. What did you do all day today starting from the time you got up to right now? And don’t skip any details.
Eric: What? No way. And I can’t answer that question on account that it might incriminate me.

I got up and saw it was still raining. Made some coffee. Turned on the news and then read the newspaper. Checked out my fantasy football team. Waited for you to wake up. Then brought you breakfast in bed (Yes, that was nice. Now keep going…)

More? I got the mail.  Checked the weather online to see when this rain would ever stop. Made some molds. That’s just about it.

Q: You skipped something. What about the movie you had on initially in the house and then continued watching it in your workshop? Tell us about that!
Eric: What? That movie? That’s one of the things I was talking about that would incriminate me. All I’m going to say is that it was on one of those women networks.
(I’ll expose him… He was watching Lifetime Movie Network!)

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Ah, all this rain. It is very aggravating. And Jaxson whining because he’s depressed from all this rain too!

It Starts With The Base…

This week is a special class where ‘The Goddesses’ are working on an ‘exhibit quality’ basket. Sunday night at Eric’s ‘open house’ they each got to pick out their own bases…


The next morning they were fast at work. Here a few of them, uhm, I mean ‘goddesses’ in the workshop sanding…


The next morning, I joined them for breakfast at the Bonnie Blue Inn…


Above is Rebecca, the owner and the chef, announcing what everyone is about to eat. I stopped listening after she said the “peaches in the peach cobbler come from my garden.” I started to inch my way back to my chair while the others continued to listen. Well, from the look on Tracey’s face below, I think she was thinking the same thing as me… I need to taste this cobbler… now!


Here’s the only other pic I have of the basketmakers working in the weaving area…


Somehow all the other pictures I took disappeared off the camera. After the basketmakers left here to go to the B&B, Mr. Basketmaker borrowed my camera to take this shot of, what else? His dog Jaxson, lounging on his dog bed. Actually his dog bed is a loveseat couch…


And when Mr. Basketmaker returned my camera after taking a bunch of shots so he could show me how cute his dog is, a whole pile of photos I took of the basketry workshop for the last two days were gone. Now of course I’m not accusing him… I’m just sayin’…

5 1/2 Days of Basket Bliss!

Okay, Mr. Basketmaker’s 5 1/2 days of his first full-week workshop in Tennessee was probably not all blissful…

Like when he came into the weaving area and announced “I got to use my First Aid Kit for the first time… Amy drilled her finger!”

I have to admit, my instant reaction was slight panic…. a student is injured? Drilled through her finger? Shall I grab some ice? Do I call 911? But Eric’s grin tipped me off that it was not so serious…

I headed into the shop to see for myself. Here’s Miss Amy holding up her left index finger with a bandaid. I’m sure it hurt and probably stung a little too so that experience most likely not so blissful.

Mr. Basketmaker continues to be very proud that he was able to come to the rescue with his fancy First Aid Kit… he seems to be in total bliss…


And Amy displaying that delightful smile, I think she’s going to be quite okay.

In the other room, Mark was getting his straps on the creel basket…


I’m thinking he was also a little “blissful” himself because he started on another basket but moved it out to the front porch…

workshop-aug-2015-3-mark workshop-aug-2015-3-mark2

Kay, Ginger and Chance also made it out to the workshop’s porch to enjoy the sunny and peaceful day…


After taking a break, Ginger was back in the house weaving alongside Marcia…

Speaking of Marcia… she was a very busy weaver. She created three baskets during the 5 1/2 day workshop….



Here’s JoAnn tucked around the corner at Eric’s workstation sanding her parts (sorry for the quality… took this one with my phone)…


And here’s Miss Kay with her completed basket and a blissful smile I might add. I believe this is her third ever basket made. It looks gorgeous… 
Here’s the last day of the workshop with everyone’s completed baskets…. and being photobombed by Jaxson…


I was very impressed with all the creations!! Thanks Marcia, Ginger, Kay, JoAnn, Mark and Amy for a fun week with y’all. Hope you come back again!