It’s Draft Night…

After ‘the goddesses’ left Mr. Basketmaker’s workshop, I started to come down with the flu. Which I had all week. And now, it’s reduced to an annoying cold…


That’s me sitting in front of my computer… sneezing and sniffling away.

Why am I at my desk rather than recuperating in bed? Because it’s Draft Night for our Sixth Annual Brady Gaga Fantasy Football League. And Mr. Basketmaker, who is the commissioner, said there was no way I was missing it. Since I’m up doing a fantasy football draft, then I could drum up this quick post…

Remember the cute mermaid sketch I showed you a couple weeks ago that I created on our large chalk board welcoming the latest arrival of students? (If you missed it, click here.)

Now fast forward six days… on the evening of the last day of that last workshop… he erased the entire board. Even the little sketches I made for my nephew. He Wiped it clean and put this up…


Since it’s only me and him here, I guess he did this in case I forgot. (really?)

I told him his “a” looks like “o” so it reads Brady GoGo to me instead of GaGa… just sayin’.  He disagreed.

Five Questions Friday: Running On Empty

Q: What are you laughing so hard about downstairs?

Eric: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  I love a good stupid movie…“Shake n’ Bake” (editor’s note: he is so weird.)

Q: So are you out of the Playoffs for Brady Gaga?
: Pretty much, but not officially until Sunday evening.
(editor’s note: Poor Eric. Another year the league Commissioner is not making it to the Playoffs.)

Q: Am I in the Playoffs?
Eric: Yes, the Cookie Crumblers are in the playoffs for the second time in three years. (editor’s note: Yah for me!)

Q: I was thinking of getting a “Fathead” triple life-size image of Chance to put on the bedroom ceiling. Are you okay with that?
Eric: Sure no problem as long as I can have a “Fathead” of Ursula Andress in the white bikini from Dr. No. (editor’s note: I take it that’s a “no” unless you want to move into the guest bedroom downstairs???)

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: You coming back from the thrift store to say the gas was way below empty. (editor’s note: Yes. Bad me. It was way below empty. I did tell you I was very sorry. I was simply so excited to get back home and show you that vintage plaid top coat I bought for you!)

Big Matchup This Week.

It’s stressful in the Basketmaker’s household this week. We’re both in a head-to-head match-up in our fantasy football league. As of Sunday evening, my team, the Cookie Crumblers, is still projected to win against Eric’s team, Viva Manch Vegas. But it’s not looking too good for me. A couple players are not performing how they should!

We’re both 2-0 and want to be 3-0 after tomorrow. But only one of us can have the number one team and I only hope it’s me! I mean, I have the better team logo and name. What is Viva Manch Vegas anyways?