Five Questions Friday: First Impressions

Q: Where are you going next?
Eric: Going to Tony Stubblefield’s out in St. Louis.

Next Question is from Uncle Roland: When you met your father-in-law, what was your first impression of him?
Eric: My first impression? What a really great guy.

Another Question from Uncle Roland: What is your impression of him now?
Eric: Still a really great guy but one who requires I have lots of nuts and sandwich meat on hand when he visits!

Q: Speaking of my Dad, wasn’t that nice of him to make you a ham sandwich before he headed back to New Hampshire?
Eric: Yeah, sure. He made it for himself and then forgot it!

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Your father. He kept repeating that I need to go get a tractor, which happens to cost $15,000 that we don’t have in the budget, to get us a cow which I know we definitely don’t need and I told him to get a cow if he wants one so bad. And then constantly telling me that I need to order a pizza from a small country store that is a couple miles from our house. He’s actually been telling me to do that one for a year now! Now I’m never ordering pizza from that store!