The Wenches Have Me This Week

The last few days have been a full plate for us. I will post what Eric has been up to later this week or over the weekend. My schedule is a little tight and I don’t want to promise something I cannot deliver! (which I know happens often!)

However, I have a few minutes to share one of the projects I’ve been working on today. I have a client who has his own rum label and I have been creating his new packaging. In addition, he needed “characters” for each of his rum flavors.

So this week, I have been working on illustrating a few female characters. Actually, pirate women. And I’m illustrating them based off of the models from one of his recent photo shoots. They need to resemble the model but not be too photo realistic (if that makes sense). And, not be too “cartoony” as well. But needs to be simplified as much as possible since she will be on small-sized labels and cannot be too detailed. Yet, she does need some important character details. I know, a tall order! Especially since that’s just about all the direction I got.

So below is one of the models “Jess.” Image on the left is the original I had to work with and the right is her illustrated character that I created.


Her stance is not exact since she has to fit into the “space” allotted on the label I already designed. But I think she’s turning out pretty good. That red skirt drove me crazy but I think I got it (after pulling out a few clumps of hair, drinking two cans of Coke and eating two ice cream bars). She needs a little more tweaking and then some color shadings here and there to give her some dimension and she will be ready to go! Or should I say “set sail?” (Ah, yes, corny… I know.)

All In A Day’s Work (Away from home)

During Eric’s classes that we travel a long distance to, I’m not sitting in someone’s house or a hotel room thinking of things to do! I do not weave myself and people are always asking me what I’m doing with myself while Eric is working. Honestly, I’m always busy when we’re on the road. For the recent Georgia Basketry Convention below is a “diary snippet” of my day’s activities:


I started by helping Eric set up for his first class at the workshop location. That’s usually about 1-2 hours. Then I headed over to one of my favorite thrifts stores for clothing, in Roswell (will post about this in a future post).


Caught up on some reading for a little break. Went to the kennel three miles away from where we were staying to take Chance for an hour-long walk.

Then, when I returned to our “home-away-from-home,” I worked most of the afternoon on several different freelance projects that needed to get out: Caribbean Rum label and logo; a school logo; an email blast ad; stickers & hang tags for a sports line and a financial newsletter.

Then, while Suzanne, our host and awesome chef, and Eric were at their evening basketry classes, Jud, the other host and non-chef, took me to Chick-fil-A. I have not been to one since I lived in Texas. That was about twelve years ago! We don’t have any up north. So that was a little “fast food” treat. I know why people who love Chick-fil-A love Chick-fil-A! Thanks Jud!

Home Office Fashion: Muk Luks and Paws


Google, HostGator, Yahoo, WordPress… they all send you annual blog reports about your stats, trends and some link you to “how you can improve your blog” (we’re a “you’re not fine as you are – you need to improve” kind of society). Anyways, some of the top categories listed were celebrities, health and fashion. Now I could care less what a celebrity thinks. Health… I could write about health but I’m not a good person to give advice on that subject.

Fashion? Well, that’s not one thing I need to worry about. Well, not entirely. My “home office” fashion is mostly based on comfort. Well, actually, 100 percent based on comfort. So why should us self-employed, work-from-home gals miss out on knowing what’s fashionable for US? We shouldn’t. So need not you worry no more. I’m here to the rescue (or I’m simply filling in time while waiting for client updates…). Either way, I’m here to help.

Let’s face it. One of the “pros” of working from home is you get to dress exactly how you want to dress. And that means you don’t have to get dressed at all if you desire to. There often have been times when I stayed in my pj’s all day. Yes, it is nice. But psychologically, you feel like a big smelly, lackadaisical, thug when you do that. And what girl wants to feel like that? So, yes. People who work from home do get dressed for their day’s work. But maybe a little differently then if they had to head out to an office.

So today, I’m featuring the must-have footwear every cold-climate living home-worker needs: Muk Luks! I love them. They’re a mix between heavy slippers and giant, comfy hug-me knit socks with faux fur inside. (another “pro” of working from home is you get to spend all day with your dog at your feet. Not so good if you want to take a pic of said feet and the dog wants in on the action too. We’re sort of comparing “paws” here.)

I’m usually always cold and bundle up in the house. But with these, I don’t need socks at all. And, I like them because I can quickly go outside in the backyard to let out the dog and not have to change shoes (total time saver). They have a solid rubber sole to withstand the cold outdoors (briefly). And another benefit, which may be TMI — I have an inherited rough-feet syndrome (if you have seen my mother’s, my sister’s and my feet, you would call it a “syndrome” as well!) and these Muk Luks seem to make them feel nice and smooth! I don’t know why or how, but these shoes do that.

slipper-boots-mukluks-amazonSo that’s my first home office fashion tip. I have plenty more so stay tuned! Here is a pic of the Muk Luks I own, but how they look brand-spanking new and not all beat up like mine pictured above. Also below is a link if you want to buy your own Muk Luks! You won’t be disappointed.

Muk Luks Women’s Tina Flower Fairisle Boot, Mountain Fog, Medium