Workshop Quick Shots: Suzanne’s Basket Cottage

We had a great time at the Basket Cottage in Georgia with Suzanne and Jud… and I think all the students did too! Eric taught his most popular basket at the moment — the Cottage Gardener. It must require a lot of concentration to create this basket since practically all my photos I took show students heavily into their work!


Thanks Hannah, Pat, Patti, Tracey, Eleanor, Peggy, Gail, Sybil, Suzanne and Jud! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! (Eleanor and Gail, we will see you in Florida for the Ocala workshop!)

First New Basket of the Year


I love going into the workshop and seeing the progress of one of Eric’s new basket designs. Yesterday, he was doing just that — and the first design of the new year. It’s a square basket, still part of his Cottage series. It is complete and gorgeous!

However, I hesitate posting a new picture of the finished product since I don’t want to run into what happened last year. I posted a pic of a new basket and stated that he would be teaching it and a member of a particular convention jury, who was evaluating one of his submittals for an upcoming class, read my blog post and mistakenly assumed that Eric, himself, was bypassing this important jury process and announcing he was teaching this particular basket!

Hello! I guess this person didn’t realize that they were reading a blog written by the WIFE who was simply, and ignorantly, bragging about her husband’s latest work! I’m just the basketmaker’s wife — I know nothing!