Stay Safe!

We arrived in Atlanta, for Eric’s upcoming workshop at Suzanne’s Cottage, safe and sound around 8 p.m. today. We had to leave earlier than planned because of this mega-storm hitting the east coast.

We hit the storm while in Maryland. From then on, I kept a keen eye on the radar via my phone. We did not go our usual route to Georgia. As you can see from the snapshot I took of my phone’s screen, the pink and blue areas indicate SNOW! And it was all along the section of West Virginia we typically would travel.

The Green “pin” image is our location when I took this picture. It wasn’t too bad at all. Just lots of rain.

But then we had to adjust our plans and head towards the coast, and the storm, to avoid all that snow falling to the West. So in Virginia, just north of Richmond, we drove through pouring rain and a small stretch of strong winds. But it wasn’t close to what New Jersey and New York ended up getting, as we sit and watch the news coverage.

And it only lasted a few hours before we were able to emerge from the storm after crossing into North Carolina. It was nice to see the sun!

Everyone in the path of this giant storm, please stay safe and dry! And I’m thinking about my mom, brother, Michele, Jolene and Chance, as they hunker down back home in New Hampshire.


Five Questions Friday: Eric Approves

I guess I must’ve (finally) asked ‘Eric-approved’ questions, because after two weeks, he submitted answers today! He did not like my questions for the past two weeks and was boycotting my blog! I know! How could he not like any question I ask???

Q: Since you rejected my questions for the last two weeks, what kind of questions do you want me to ask?
Good ones! Like, here’s one you missed this week: What was it like being in the car with you, the dog and your mother for 15 straight hours?

Oh, yeah, that is a good question. What was it like being surrounded by greatness for 15 straight hours?
: It went better than I thought it was going to be. Listening to the Redzone and the various football games on your iPhone was really cool.

Q: Are you jealous that one of your students, Christy, sent me an awesome card and not one to you?
Eric: No. Because she gives me really cool t-shirts.

Q: How big is your head now that you have won another award?
Eric: You’re asking me? I think you would be better to answer that one yourself.

Q: Where are we heading next?
Eric: We have to beat that big “monster” storm coming up the East Coast and head down to Atlanta a day sooner. I still have a few days of shop work to go. So no more questions. (editor’s note: Is he whining? Sounds like he’s whining to me.)

Q: Wait! You’re forgetting your favorite question. What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Oh, I’ve got one.  While repacking the van with the radio on, I drained the battery. I guess it was taking longer than I thought.  Thanks Bill for the use of your portable generator! (editor’s note: Now I am not going to be “that” kind of wife who will respond with a “told you so” or “I warned you about leaving the radio and lights on” or “I told you eventually you would drain the battery”… Nope. I refuse to be that kind of wife and just keep my mouth shut.)