Chance’s New Favorite Workshop is in Indiana.

One person (rather, canine) who had the best time in Indiana was Chance. The workshop was located on fairgrounds with spacious, empty fields of mowed grass and dandelions. He ran for hours each day. And slept like a puppy every night in our hotel. (fyi… he’s actually five)

Workshop Quick Pics: Indiana

I have not posted in a few days for very good reasons. We were visiting my sister and she had us working on some “home projects” day and night. Well, not during the night and she did not make us. We were happy to help her. Plus, things move swifter when done in tandem.

One of the items on her “to do” list was creating a Shaker peg board for her dining room. As soon as I download the images from my camera, I will share them with you. Eric did an awesome job and she hung two end chairs on them.

Below are my “Quick Pics” from the Stateline Friends Weaving Retreat in Indiana. As usual, Eric’s three days of classes went smoothly. What did not go smoothly was meeting up with Bill and Kathy for dinner after the workshop was over. Bill and his group were waiting at “Chuck’s” while we were at a restaurant called “Charlie’s”. I tried to tell Eric several times, to no avail, that I think Bill was talking about a different restaurant because I overheard him telling people it was downtown. But “Charlie’s” was not downtown. Eric simply responded that Bill knew where it was and that I most surely misunderstood. Turns out, I heard him perfectly.

So we left “Charlie’s” to go and find “Chuck’s”. We were hungry, thirsty, lost and aggravated. Forty-five minutes later, we finally met up with them and ordered. Unfortunately, Eric’s burger was a “fake” burger and very dry. He became even more aggravated since he had them make him another one because the waitress kept insisting it was “real meat!” It clearly was not because you could see seeds in it! He was looking forward to a juicy hamburger all day. When we’re on the road, Eric enjoys getting his “red meat fill” since we only eat chicken, turkey or fish at home. We end up leaving with Eric dissatisfied, hungry, grumpy and it’s pouring out. Poor Eric.