Workshop Quick Pics: John C. Campbell

Below are some quick pics taken at Eric’s weekend session at John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina.


Hey, are those new directional signs on the campus? I like them!

The students created Eric’s fishing creel basket.

Our accommodations this time were at the little Log House, on the second floor.

Eric was happy that he had two men in the class. Usually he’s the only man in the room!

Will post more pics later of his other class that he was teaching all week.

Now it’s Weaving & Massages?

So I planned on posting some pics of Eric’s basketry class from the John C. Campbell Folk School today along with some pretty campus imagery. However, when I came upon this, I could not resist.

After yesterday’s post bringing to light the behavior of GBA’s Madam President texting during Mr. Basketmaker’s class I had to dedicate another day’s assignment exposing Miss Pattie.

Today, as I was out for my multi-daily walk, I found her not in class like she was supposed to be, working on her rim and lid for the creel basket, but rather at the Farm House getting a 40-minute massage! And might I point out that 20-minute massages were being offered at the Farm House all day but no, not enough time for for this President. She needed a double — that’s a 40-minute session!

Yes, you read me right… Miss Pattie was lounging on a tie-dyed clad massage table this afternoon, getting her pink-nailed feet rubbed by a gentleman wearing a coral shirt!

Need proof? Well check out this candid pic! Yes, that is indeed Miss Pattie, with not a care in the world, or for her unfinished creel basket.

massage-basketryLike I said yesterday, she’s a “Bad Pattie…”

I wonder what she will be up to tomorrow. Instead of finishing her basket before the noon deadline, shall I stumble upon her out in the woods making moonshine?

If I do, y’all will be the first to hear about it! And maybe I’ll change the title of this blog to “Exposing the Life of a GBA President.” I’m thinking she would provide a year’s worth of material at least!

5 Questions Friday: No Texting & Weaving

Q: How long did it usually take us to get to John C. Campbell Folk School when we lived in New Hampshire?
Eric: Two long days in the car since I don’t like to drive more than 10 hours in one day before I have to teach for a week.

Q: So how awesome was it, to leave our house in Tennessee, and arrive at the campus in only 3 hours?
Eric: It was REALLY awesome. Exactly why we moved South. I’m not exhausted from sitting in a car for two days and staying at a grungy hotel.

Before I ask the next question, I need to share with you all (I mean y’all since I now live in the South) this picture I snapped at Mr. Basketmaker’s class this evening in Brasstown and who you are looking at.

Does anyone recognize her? Yes, it is the GBA’s Madam President Pattie Bagley and Resident Artist of the folk school, I might add. And she was caught pink-handed TEXTING during class! (get it… pink-handed because she has a pink phone… yeah… lame… I know.)

Yes, that is Miss Pattie in all her presidential glory! She is taking Eric’s weekend class and as you can see, her barely-begun creel basket is cast off to the side like a watered down drink while she gets some laughs from her texts. Bad Pattie!

Now this leads me to Mr. Basketmaker’s next question…

Q: I thought you had a NO Texting & Weaving Policy?
Eric: I do.

Q: Then why is this student texting?
Eric: Because it’s Pattie and her presidential power has gone to her head. She does what she wants.
(editor’s note: for those who are more on the serious side — we are just poking fun at our dear friend Miss Pattie! So all in good fun people! All in good fun! And Eric really doesn’t have an official “no texting” policy in his class. He just pretends he does.)

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Your brother and your Dad whining again about me, the Commissioner, and the league when it hasn’t even started yet!