Workshop Quick Shots: Sandwich

That’s not “sandwich” as in lunch. That’s Sandwich as in Center Sandwich, a picturesque town in New Hampshire, where Eric held a workshop today for the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. He taught his Cottage 7-Inch Carrier Basket to a full class of twelve (Eric’s maximum number of students since he likes to be “hands-on” with equal time for everyone).

I was not in attendance, but rather hanging out with my friend Karen for the day enjoying some serious thrift store shopping. So Eric was on his own and these are some of the quick pics he took of his class.

Five Questions Friday: Maine Pickers

Q: Where are we going today?
Eric: We are going to Lovell, Maine to stay with our good friends Karen and Eric for the weekend. Tonight, we are heading over to the Stone Mountain Arts Center to see one of my favorite musical artists, Billy Bragg.

Q: One of the purposes of this blog is for people to get to know you better. Why don’t you tell everyone to whom and what you tweeted last night?
Eric: I tweeted Billy Bragg and told him if he did not play Ingrid Bergman I would throw beef stroganoff at him. (editor’s note: Everyone now has a better understanding of his maturity level.)

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Breathing in all the toxic lacquer fumes when finishing the counter top. That was nasty.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this weekend?
Well, I have several things going on this weekend: 1) we are going to see Billy Bragg tonight; 2) tomorrow I’m heading over to Sandwich, New Hampshire for a League of New Hampshire Craftsmen workshop; and, 3) what I think I’ve really been looking forward to is competing in our first annual “Maine Pickers” on Sunday

Q: What is “Maine Pickers”?
Eric: It is an idea I had the last time we stayed with Karen and Eric and went to the Fryeburg Fair Fleamarket. I’m basing it off of “American Pickers” where all four of us will disperse and come together after an hour and we will decide who scored the best pick.

Eric’s Upcoming Workshops

What happened to all the basketry information I am supposed to be blogging about?? I don’t know. Sometimes I’d much rather write about our road trips and the dog. Actually, that’s not true. I enjoy writing about Eric’s craft. But I’ve been getting lazy in doing the research. So time to turn off the tv, take a break from playing with the dog, stop devouring ice cream while wallowing in procrastination and write about Eric’s upcoming workshops.

On June 30th from 9:30‐5:00, Eric will be teaching at the League of New Hampshire Craftman’s Center Sandwich location for one day. This workshop is open to all levels and tools needed are provided. You can find more info. or register for the class here. If you’re in New Hampshire at this time, this is a good workshop to catch Eric. It’s in a beautiful location and since it’s only one day, Eric is very relaxed. We’re also spending the weekend at our friends, Karen & Eric’s that weekend, so “my Eric” will be in good spirits.

From July 28th to 30th, Eric will be returning to Tony Stubblefield’s in St. Louis. He will be teaching the Cottage Purse for two days, the Dresser Tote (one of my favorites) and the Cottage Jewel.

For more info. or to register for Tony’s workshop, click here. Tony is a very experienced basketmaker and artist and knows how to host a successful basketry class. This is one of my new favorite places to go because I get to check out Tony’s home and studio space and get lots of inspiration. He’s so creative and organized! Usually those two things do not go hand-in-hand. He also has impeccable taste so if you are in the St. Louis area, check out Tony’s site for one of his workshops. If you’re familiar with JoAnn Kelly Catsos, she is there in the fall and I hear they have lots of fun in her class!

Then he’s teaching at the Missouri Basketweavers Guild’s convention August 2nd to the 5th, at the St. Louis Marriott. He will be teaching his Cottage Smalls Mail Basket, his 7-inch Cottage Carrier and his Business Card Basket. (You can find all of Eric’s baskets at his website here.) I have never been to this convention so I am looking forward to checking it out.

Hope to see some of you at one of these workshops!