Five Questions Friday: “Cinderfella”

Q: So after watching a few of HGTV’s “My First Sale” episodes, which we have never seen before, what is your confidence level on selling our house?
Eric: It’s going to sell, I just don’t want to be around when they say oh that appliance is so out dated.

Q: I went out to dinner with my sister and her friend Luree last night. You seemed really jealous. Were you? And if so, was it because I went somewhere without you?
Eric: No, it was more about feeling like “Cinderfella.” The three sisters went out on the town while I was home pulling staples from the stairwell where the previous owners put carpet. At least I got to eat your leftovers.
(editor’s note: First of all, Cinderella had two step-sisters, not three. And second of all, you’re so dramatic…)

Q: How was your workshop in North Carolina?
Eric: It went real fast. My last class ended Saturday afternoon and I started heading home. It was the first time that I got home on a Sunday.

Q: How much did you miss me? And if you say “yes” what specifically did you miss?
Eric: I don’t want to answer that. But I will say it was strange not having your big mouth in the car for the trip down and back. Also, I think you were missed by a lot of people, unless they were just a bunch of brown-nosers.

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Sheetrock dust, you and your sister watching me work while you ate chocolate and drank blood orange margaritas, moving boxes from one place to another and then moving to yet another spot, not being able to find anything, the house in reno-demolish mode, showering while being surrounded in plastic…. Should I go on? Because I could.
Uhm, no. I think you’re good with this week’s questions.