5 Questions Friday: 5X

Yes, 5 Questions Friday is back! And since I have missed a few weeks, I am multiplying it by 5 so that’s 25 questions for Eric! Oh wait. I’ve just been informed that it’s been longer than a few weeks. Since March? No way. It cannot be that long! Has it? Looks like it’s been 8 weeks! I can’t believe that.

Anyways, I know many of you will be sooooo happy! We both have no idea why people like 5 Questions Friday so much! I’ve gotten so many emails asking me “where’s 5 questions?” or “is 5 questions ever coming back?” it’s starting to give me a complex. Maybe I should ditch basketmaker’s wife and just start an “Eric Answers Questions” blog!

Just kidding. I love that people are interested in what Eric thinks and says since I tune him out most of the time. (I’m kidding again. Well, maybe just a little…)

So without further adieu, here is Eric’s 5 x 5 = 25 Questions!

Q: What’s Chance’s new nickname?
Eric: tick magnet. But he’s also “patches” now too since you shaved him yesterday.

Q: What is your favorite song this week?
Eric: That’s easy. Mama Rock Me.

Q: What time does every service company show up here in Tennessee?
Eric: If they say they are going to be there first thing the following morning, it’s 8:00 am. If they say they are coming the next day after, they show up at 8:15 am.

Q: What time did they show up back home in New Hampshire?
Eric: Between noon and 4:30 pm.

Q: Other than our family and friends, what will you miss about Manchester, New Hampshire?
Eric: This is a hard one. Oh, I know… Alley Cat Pizza, the best pizza in N.H., delivered to our front door.

Q: We can’t get Tennessee pizza delivered to our door?
Eric: No. Turns out that we’re apparently outside the delivery zone for all the restaurants in town.

Q: Oh. That’s depressing. What will you not miss about Manchester?
Eric: “Fun Boy”!
(editor’s note: okay, that’s an inside joke with my family and friends. May save that story for another post.)

Q: So that’s it? Only Fun Boy?
Eric: No! The list goes on… sirens, the low-driving Honda’s with the loud mufflers zooming down the hill, the gun shots, the people walking down the street with shopping carts, our narrow driveway where I could hit the neighbor’s house, the insane high property taxes…
(OKAY! enough with that question!)

Q: Do you think Chance misses his little tiny yard?
Eric: He’s so exhausted every day here I doubt he even remembers where he lived before.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how much do you think Chance loves his new digs?
Eric: He’s off the scale on loving this place.

Q: How come the little wheel on the mower attachment to the new tractor is bent?
Eric: Oh, I had a slight mishap.

Q: What kind of mishap?
Eric: Well, that tractor is very fast. And I should really slow down around the fence posts.

Q: How come I never ran into anything when I was mowing?
Eric: Because you’re perfect.
(editor’s note: Well, he does have a point)

Q: How long did it take you to build your new trailer to your new mini tractor?
Eric: Ah, about two hours.

Q: When are you going to build “sides” to it so things don’t fall out, like all my sticks that I pick up?
Eric: Shortly after you stop asking me when I’m putting sides on the trailer.

Q: How do you like my new “art installation” on our miles-long barbed wire fence?
Eric: Quite frankly I was on the fence about it (no pun intended). But it’s growing on me. I’ll be happier when you stop asking me for sticks and just get your own.

Q: Hello! They keep falling off the trailer because there are no sides! What’s your answer to that?
Eric: Patience.

Q: How long do you think it will take me just to do one row of fence?
Eric: A month.

Q: How long do you think it will take to do all of the fencing?
Eric: Forever. I think you’ll quit before you finish.
(editor’s note: Wow. He is so supportive…)

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how stressful was our move here to Tennessee?
Eric: That’s a hard one. I cannot really give a good answer since it’s technically not over yet! But every day it gets less stressful.

Q: How long would you estimate we spend everyday just looking for something?
Eric: I’d say if you add up the time, easily about 3 hours total. And finding that disc you were frantically looking for for one of your clients over the last week was my Holy Grail. And in the last box I opened!
(editor’s note: It’s always the way! I even tried reverse psychology and purposely went to boxes I would most likely open last, skipping all the ones in front of me!)

Q: I’ve lived in Central Time zone before when I lived in Texas and Illinois and actually like it better. How are you adapting to CST? Do you notice a difference?
Eric: Yes. Megyn Kelly comes on at noon. I like that. And the local news comes on after the national news. I really like that. And cannot wait until Football season. I can be in bed before midnight!

Q: What are we cooking tonight now that our gas stove is all hooked up?
Eric: I went to the store and bought all the ingredients for chicken tacos!
(editor’s note: YUM!)

Q: I don’t like referring to this building as the “church.” Especially since it really doesn’t look like one. What can we rename this building?
Eric: oooh… let me think. Oh, the McSoHo Building! Because our living quarters is like a loft in SoHo!

Q: Have you ever been to SoHo?
Eric: NoHo!

If anyone has any name suggestions for this building, comment or send me an email!