It Starts With The Base…

This week is a special class where ‘The Goddesses’ are working on an ‘exhibit quality’ basket. Sunday night at Eric’s ‘open house’ they each got to pick out their own bases…


The next morning they were fast at work. Here a few of them, uhm, I mean ‘goddesses’ in the workshop sanding…


The next morning, I joined them for breakfast at the Bonnie Blue Inn…


Above is Rebecca, the owner and the chef, announcing what everyone is about to eat. I stopped listening after she said the “peaches in the peach cobbler come from my garden.” I started to inch my way back to my chair while the others continued to listen. Well, from the look on Tracey’s face below, I think she was thinking the same thing as me… I need to taste this cobbler… now!


Here’s the only other pic I have of the basketmakers working in the weaving area…


Somehow all the other pictures I took disappeared off the camera. After the basketmakers left here to go to the B&B, Mr. Basketmaker borrowed my camera to take this shot of, what else? His dog Jaxson, lounging on his dog bed. Actually his dog bed is a loveseat couch…


And when Mr. Basketmaker returned my camera after taking a bunch of shots so he could show me how cute his dog is, a whole pile of photos I took of the basketry workshop for the last two days were gone. Now of course I’m not accusing him… I’m just sayin’…

Basketry Quality Control Check

We will be heading to Indiana soon for the Stateline Convention so Mr. Basketmaker has been busy in his workshop.

Below, he just pulled a strip of Ash through his knife slitters and is trimming off the “grip” edge (what he uses to hold on to as he’s pulling the material through).


Now he has a new set of materials. Just looking at this image, I would say they are Weavers. But he let me know that this batch are Uprights for his mini wine tote baskets.

However, before he starts trimming the uprights, he needs to run “Quality Control Checks.” Yes, even Mr. Basketmaker’s little ‘ole workshop has quality control procedures.

weavers-basket-materials-taylorFirst, he inspects them simply by feeling with his fingers to see if they are the correct thickness, and continuous, from the edges to the middle: CHECK

weavers-basket-materials-micrometerThen he double checks it with a micrometer, which accurately measures the thickness down to thousands of an inch: CHECK CHECK

weavers-basket-materials-taylor-baseAnd then finally, he inserts the material in the base for triple insurance: CHECK CHECK CHECK!

I don’t know about y’all but this is a lot of work to make teeny tiny little uprights! I’m just saying. I feel proud that Eric provides his clients and students with one hundred percent quality, handmade materials!

Now I wish he would’ve did this “triple check quality control thing” before we special ordered our door. That’s a post for another day.