Mr. Basketmaker Speaks: Salsa (Again)

The following post is from Mr. Basketmaker himself. And yes, he already did a post on salsa. But that post was his own homemade pepper salsa (see it here.) This is about his new favorite salsa that he felt compelled to write about. And yes, we do eat a lot of salsa in this house.

I’m sharing with you what I think is the best salsa on the planet!

While visiting with our friends Jud & Suzanne from Georgia, they put out a bowl of chips and salsa. The brand of salsa was “Mateo’s Gourmet Salsa” which I have never heard of before.

And yes, I’mateos-salsa-basketmaker-speaks-2013m going out on a limb saying it’s the best salsa on the planet. But I will continue until I’m proven wrong.

What makes this salsa great is that it is chopped very fine. A lot of salsa makers like to claim that their salsa is thick and chunky.  These salsas can have bigger chunks of tomato and onions but many times they seem to be mushy and then watery at the same time.  This is the anti-chunky salsa yet it still has a thick consistency.  It has that Texas heat feeling and makes you go back for more. Our hosts found it from Costco’s so I guess since we don’t have one near us we will have to have some sent up to us… hint hint.

(editor’s note: Yes, Mateo’s salsa was good, but I will always say that Eric’s homemade salsa is the best salsa on the planet and I cannot be proven wrong on that!)

**Nobody needs to send us salsa! I found it online. If you don’t have a Costco’s nearby, you can find it on Amazon but in a bulk 6-Jar pack: Mateos Gourmet Salsa