Old Basket Found at Online Auction

Eric’s friend Susan McRae sent him a link to a basket she recently came across online that is up for auction. Eric then forwarded it to me and said, “Susan knows her baskets!” The site is called AuctionZip and you can find the item here.

Susan immediately recognized that it is a Taghkanic basket. It appears to be in good shape and if you are looking to add one to your collection, here is your chance. It’s funny that the item’s location is in Peterborough, New Hampshire. You would have thought that the chances of the basket to have been made by the Peterborough Basket Company would have been very good. But it is not. Martha Wetherbee and Eric’s father wrote the book on these basket makers from New York titled “Legend of the Bushwhacker Basket.”

More photos and listing can be found here. The auction ends July 7, 2012.

For the book, you can find it here: Legend of the Bushwhacker Basket