We Have to Pay What for Internet?

I haven’t posted in a bit because my sister needed some help at her trade show in New York City. So I was busy getting work done and packing so I had no time to ask Mr. Basketmaker his Friday’s Questions!

And I thought I would have plenty of time to make up for it when I arrived in New York. But my sister and I were greeted with this sign in our room and we both said “No free wi-fi”??

I could understand this at the many “really cheap” hotels Mr. Basketmaker and I find ourselves sleeping in. However, at this hotel, my sister is paying over $350 a night! So I found it absolutely ridiculous that 1 hour of internet would cost $4.99!


We ended up purchasing 24 hours since we had to get some files out to our clients this morning. Which meant that when we returned to the hotel after the show this evening, I had a chance to whine about how expensive New York is! Five dollars for a fountain drink, or a single yogurt or a small juice! Absolutely crazy. Definitely not a place for a strict budget-following-wife of a basketmaker!