Now Both Yawn at the Same Time

Mr. Basketmaker scored some free wood!

On a trip over to Manchester, TN, he passed by a pallet company with stacks of wood sitting next to a blue dumpster. So he turned the van around and stopped in. The proprietor said, “Take as much as you want.”


Here’s the wood he stacked on our¬†walkway so it could¬†dry out. I decided to take photos of it – more for a “before and after” pic since I see a pallet wood wall in our future.


And of course, in the middle of it, Mr. camera-hog Chance, ran into the frame, as he always does. But now his pal Jackson has caught on to being a ham as well.


And seconds after they pushed their way into the frame, they both let out a big yawn at the same time.


I’d like to say that our dogs are really smart and I told them to both yawn at the same time.

Guess yawning is instantaneously contagious with dogs as well!