Five Questions Friday: “Ouch”

Q: What kind of week did you have?
Eric: Very busy. Got a few orders out, made a list of materials I need to create for upcoming workshops but mainly I was able to get rid of that yucky white vinyl flooring in the kitchen for you! 

Q: How much do you love this heat?
Eric: I love it. Makes me want to move down South. (editor’s note: I don’t think he’s being sarcastic here.)

Q: Are you going to tell me that I was right regarding our new pantry?
Eric: I was not against the pantry! I was against all the work it would entail.

Q: What annoyed me this week?
Eric: I think two things. 1 – Your laptop just went bizerk and had to go in for service until next week (I know how you cannot live without it) and 2 – Pulling a muscle in your shoulder. I know all your whining over the last two days has annoyed me!

Q: Okay, other than my crying out in pain, what else annoyed you this week?
Stepping barefoot on all those staples and nails sticking out of the old linoleum when ripping it out.
(editor’s note: I told him to stop walking around barefoot!)